Inspiring Women with Betty Collins

Inspiring Women with Betty Collins

Q&A About 10 Lessons Learned From Losing An Election

January 24, 2024

In this episode of “Inspiring Women with Betty Collins,” host Betty Collins and a diverse group of guests engage in a thought-provoking discussion centered around the valuable lessons learned through political campaign experiences. The insightful dialogue covers Betty’s personal reflections, experiences, and the influential female figures in her life, along with the impact of external factors on decision-making and outcomes.

The podcast episode opens with Betty Collins reflecting on her journey of running for office and the profound lessons she gleaned from the experience. She shares the importance of authentic engagement over mere quantity and the impact of meaningful interactions within her community.

Throughout the discussion, Betty emphasizes the significance of taking responsibility and learning from experiences, attributing her resilient mindset and values to her upbringing.

The episode also delves into early career lessons, with a focus on understanding one’s purpose and motivations, and the pivotal role of strategizing for professional success. It provides a platform for guests to share their perspectives on the multifaceted nature of decision-making, resilience, and influence, particularly within the context of political campaigns and life experiences.

6 takeaways from this episode

1. Using Real Data for Understanding Voter Behavior: Betty Collins stresses the importance of using real data to understand voter behavior and the impact it has on election outcomes.
2. Authentic Engagement: Betty prefers authentic engagement and discusses impactful interactions she had in her community, highlighting the importance of genuine connections in political campaigning.
3. Taking Personal Responsibility: Betty reflects on taking personal responsibility and learning from experiences, emphasizing the need to own and control one’s life.
4. Tenacity and Perseverance: Betty discusses her tenacity in running for a position despite challenges and emphasizes the importance of resilience and determination in the face of adversity.
5. Understanding Competition: The conversation delves into understanding competition and the long-term approach to effecting political change, highlighting the importance of strategic thinking and perseverance.
6. Inspirational Impact: Betty discusses the inspirational impact of her campaign on those around her, emphasizing the ripple effect of personal actions and the ability to inspire others to positive change.

Memorable Moments

00:00 Betty Collins inspires women to achieve success.

08:26 Respect constituents’ choice despite personal preference.

22:45 Reflecting on lessons learned, overcoming challenges, and persevering.

26:52 Hesitant to ask for support, but successful.

Hosted by Betty Collins, CPA, and Director at Brady Ware and Company. Betty also serves as the Committee Chair for Empowering Women, and Director of the Brady Ware Women Initiative. Each episode is presented by Brady Ware and Company, committed to empowering women to go their distance in the workplace and at home.

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