Longwinded One: The Podcast

Longwinded One: The Podcast

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Ancalagon's Revenge
April 06, 2020

Having been awakened by Gwarthaur, Ancalagon the Black has knocked Eärendil out of the sky. With him fell his Silmaril and the carriers of the sun and moon, Arien and Tilion. While traveling through Oiomúrë, they find Tilion and the great maiar Eönwë. Th.

The Lay of Narsilion
April 02, 2020

After the Trial of Ulmo, the group is back on Taniquetil reviewing the Octagram of Ilmarin. The DM tries to bring Charlie up to speed on how to run Burin, and after a short rest, the crew braces for an adventure into the frigid Helcaraxë in the Trial of .

A Conversation with Dr. Dimitra Fimi
March 30, 2020

A treasure trove of fun and interesting stories, listen as Dr. Fimi discusses her written work, her most influential mentors, her favorite interviews, discovering treasures in the Bodleian Library, why The Hobbit is so much fun to read aloud, and the lay.

The Silmaril of Maglor
March 26, 2020

Charlie, Burin's new player, joins in this episode. And though we had some technical difficulties (you can't hear the player microphones), the storyline is intact. The group defeats the kraken and takes both the Dragon Helm of Dorlomin and Silmaril of Ma.

Fan Interview: Liam and Bea
March 23, 2020

Join us as we talk to two fans of the podcast. Liam is from the USA and Bea is from Norway. Together we talk about the campaign, Tolkien, and D&D in general. At around 29 minutes you begin to understand why the podcast is called the "Longwinded One." Oth.

Release the Kraken
March 19, 2020

Join the characters as Maglor leads them into the underwater structure that houses his former Silmaril. Unfortunately, the Silmaril has an angry roommate.

Maglor's Gap
March 16, 2020

Heading down to the sea from Ered Luin, the party encounters Maglor standing in the waves. Beside him is another Maglor... The group must decide who is the real son of Feanor, defeat the summoned giant minions, then convince the real elf prince to show t.

"The Seventh in Line and Seventh in Number"
March 12, 2020

The crew pops out in Mount Dolmed, inside the once great slopes of Nogrod. Here, the spot of awakening for the father of the Firebeards, Burin discovers his true parentage, son of Dain, King Under the Mountain. That puts him in a somewhat unique position.

Chatting with the High King
March 09, 2020

On top of Taniquetil there sits the "mansion of the high airs," referred to as Ilmarin. The players find eight Valar inside looking weary and unmoving. There the High King of the Vanyar, Ingwë, teaches the characters how to travel to and from Ilmarin in .

Ted Nasmith: A Powerful Affinity for Tolkien
March 05, 2020

An incredible artist, scholar, musician, and conversationalist, Ted Nasmith delights in this episode as he talks about the evolution of his art and projects. Get to know the man who has turned beloved words into beloved art. Podcast References:All Artwor.