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Longwinded One: The Podcast

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The Great Gates of Angband
July 06, 2020

The heroes learn that Littleheart, Imin, and Alatar the Blue have been kidnapped and taken to Thangorodrim. Varda informs the group that Angband, the home of Thangorodrim, is the most evil part of Arda, and that traveling there will likely change each ch.

The Roots of Douglas A. Anderson
July 02, 2020

Join Douglas A. Anderson and I as we discuss how he originally got to know Humphrey Carpenter, Wayne Hammond, and Christopher Tolkien. Learn how his Annotated Hobbit came to be, and hear some truly interesting stories and anecdotes about independent scho.

Thus Spake Mandos
July 02, 2020

The group licks their wounds after the fight against Ungoliant. They decide to head back to Ilmarin and take council. Ingwë has gone to Tirion and collected the Silmarils and used them to set Telperion ablaze. While there, the group rests. Varda and Yava.

Ungoliant in Ezellohar, Part 2
July 01, 2020

This fight marks the hardest the group has ever had, across all parts of the trilogy. Ungoliant is a force that seems to only get stronger as they fight her. Ezellendur is unconscious at the bottom of a Well of Varda and when the water begins to pour for.

Ungoliant in Ezellohar, Part 1
June 28, 2020

The heroes make their way to Ezellohar, knowing that Ungoliant is enroute. The battle begins in the darkest part of the night, and it grows ever darker when the ancient Avathari and her minions show up. Quickly the group becomes poisoned and paralyzed fr.

June 27, 2020

In this episode, Jared looks back at the previous 130 episodes, talks about what he has learned, and what he would do differently. He talks about how important the Tolkien community has been for him over the last three years. He talks what's left to come.

The Turn of the Tide
June 23, 2020

A nice break to the combat... The group gets back to Ilmarin and finds an old friend. Okrin is back to help them in the final trials! The group discusses how to get the cloak off of Tesoro without killing him. They discuss the vision Mor-lomín had of the.

Queen Berúthiel in Meneltarma, Part 2
June 21, 2020

Have you ever wished Treebeard would say the song title of track #6 from The Chronic? If so (or if not), this episode is for you. Join the players as they finish the fight with Queen Berúthiel, claim Dramborleg, and bring the white tree of Meneltarma bac.

Queen Berúthiel in Meneltarma, Part 1
June 21, 2020

If the heroes weren't "cat people" before entering into the inner sanctum of Meneltarma, they certainly aren't now. The cats of the queen grant bad luck to the characters, and the Queen comes out swinging with Dramborleg. Meanwhile, being so close to the.

In the Room with David Bratman
June 04, 2020

Few have given so freely of their time and contributed so much to the Tolkien community as David Bratman. Over the past 40 years, he has spent much of his time writing and organizing essays, bibliographies, reader guides about Tolkien and his body of wor.