Longwinded One: The Podcast

Longwinded One: The Podcast

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S04E27 - Sembian Revival: Ramblecoats, 22 Mirtul
July 19, 2021

The party hopes to escape the sound of dragon wings by checking out the cave at Ramblecoats where supposedly Aldond first came across Aurumordic. But inside the cave there is a Shadow Crossing to the

S04E026 - Sembian Revival: Villainy, 22 Mirtul
July 12, 2021

Kaligax begins to set up a perimeter around Ordulin, expecting the party to be passing through any day. Aldond and Fargo discuss what will happen if The Source doesn't cooperate. And Thera finds out t

S04E025 - Sembian Revival: Archen Vale, 22 Mirtul
July 05, 2021

In this episode, the characters walk north from Archenbridge to find the dark cave where Aldond found the blade Aurumordic (Chroninastis). On the way to the hamlet of Ramblecoats Jendal explains about

S04E24 - Sembian Revival: Archenbridge, 21 Mirtul
June 28, 2021

The party ends their travels from Fairhaven with a pint at Archenbridge's famous tavern, The Drunken Lion. It turns out Ciran's old friend Kien runs the bar there. Kien tells the group about the day they fished all of the soldiers out of the river from t.

S04E23 - Sembian Revival: Writing the Multiverse with Richard Lee Byers
June 20, 2021

The author of Shattered Mask, Richard Lee Byers, sat down with us and talked this experience writing in the realm. We talked about: his chosen character in the Uskevren family (Shamur), his  preferred writing practices, and his favorite hobbies.

S04E22 - Sembian Revival: Temple of Ao, 15 Mirtul
June 14, 2021

As the main characters escape from the Helms at Fairhaven, across Toril there is a Minister of Ao, named Thiasce (pronounced "Hash-Ca") that is activated from 1,000 years of waiting in owl form. The Deva learns about his past from the temple keeper, a sp.

S04E21 - Sembian Revival: Fairhaven, 15 Mirtul
June 07, 2021

The party is being escorted to the Corinthal Estate outside of Saerb. During the trek, it is unclear whether the Helm Commander, Fargo Pennerent, recognizes the disguised Mitoa and Sonya. The group learns that Aldond Talendar was also once a Helm, and wa.

S04E20 - Sembian Revival: Saerb, 15 Mirtul
May 31, 2021

The crew enters the famed town of Saerb, and discover an annual festival going on. This festival celebrates the defeat of the Rich Tharuighagh, by the Battlemaster of Tempus, named Brandon. The celebration has a contest called "Find the Phylactery," whic.

S04E19 - Sembian Revival: Ciran, Mitoa, and their Creators
May 03, 2021

You have had the pleasure to get to know Sonya already. Now, you get the same sort of behind-the-scenes look at Ciran, Mitoa, and the players that both created and voice them. 

S04E18 - Sembian Revival: Spotlight Ciran, 13 Mirtul
April 26, 2021

In this episode the Elves knock Ciran unconscious. And in this state, Ciran remembers training in the wild with his father, Esperan. He also remembers that Firin is no stranger, after all. Meanwhile, A tressym named Adon shows up and wants to show Ciran .