INDIEcent Exposure – INDIEcent Exposure

INDIEcent Exposure – INDIEcent Exposure

INDIEcent Exposure #44:feat. Yard of Blondes

May 21, 2021

Hey, hey, hey, my INDIEcent brothers and sisters. Thanks for tuning in to Episode #44 of INDIEcent Exposure. I've got some killer tunes lined up for you, and I guess I was in the mood for music that rides a little harder, because these tracks definitely don't show the softer side of yours truly, your host, the mongrel, known in an alternet zip code as Jay V. 

Editor's Notes:• This post may contain affiliate links• Musicians' bio info comes from the artists, their websites, or their publicists. Click on names below to visit their websites where you can get the full story, photos, and very often video.

I've got another great interview, with a great artist, waiting in the wings, but right now let's kick things off with some tunage. We'll hear from Imran Mandani, who conjures up Godzilla, Kim Logan, who warns us that Oedipus Wrecks, and Gürschach, who take us on a tour of their Undead Empire. First though, let's start this set off with an amazing Pop and Neo-Soul artist who hails from Georgia — And I don't mean the state that sits between Alabama and South Carolina.


SALIO hails from the Republic of Georgia, a place known to some for its harmonic scales and the birthplace of wine, but not by most. A remarkably gifted vocalist and composer from a young age, she decided to leave her home country and find her place in the wider world.

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