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INDIEcent Exposure – INDIEcent Exposure

INDIEcent Exposure #38: NTRVW — Phil Hawkins on STAR WARS: ORIGINS

December 29, 2019

PLUS: Eight music artists you should give a listen to NOW.  * EXPLICIT * (but just a tiny bit...)

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Welcome, my INDIEcent, yet faithful, legions of music addicts, to episode number 38 of INDIEcent Exposure. I am you host the mongrel — known in an alternate zip code as Jay Vee.

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While musicians get the lion’s share of attention on this show, I should remind you all that the podcast was also constructed as a home of Indie creators in performing arts, literature, game development, and most definitely film. And this episode is just the show to remind me how much more we should be doing to support those brave, starving artists.

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Featured in this EpisodeChris Considine • “On the Cusp” • singleFirebug • “Sinner” • Wandering SoulCass Clayton Band • “Flowers At My Feet” • Play NiceJoe Olnick Band • “Sticky Floor Nightclub” • IguanaShokazoba Funkestra • “Script Reader” • Illusion of Choice, EPMyki Tuff & the Friendly Fire Band • “War General” • Saturday Night RiddimEl Desollado • “Intro” • FlayingSamara Moni • “Doctor” • Samara Moni, EP

So, in addition to great new music, we’ll be hearing from Phil Hawkins, director of the original, yet painstakingly faithful, derivative work of film, STAR WARS: ORIGINS. He’s done a mind-bending job, both with good, old-fashioned story telling and with state of the art effects unusual in short, independent films. I wouldn’t blame you if you scrolled down to the embedded trailer straightaway to see what I’m talking about. During this episode, I’ll play clips from my conversation with this up and coming director. Later on, I’ll let you know how to hear our whole discussion. He’s a fascinating personality in the film world today, and I know you’ll be hearing more about his work in the near future.