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INDIEcent Exposure – INDIEcent Exposure

INDIEcent Exposure #37: NTRVW — Josh Rouse

December 13, 2019

PLUS: Seven other artists you should give a listen to.  * EXPLICIT * (but just a tiny bit...)

Photo: We speak with Josh Rouse about touring, recording, the solo thing, and, of course, The Holiday Sounds of Josh Rouse.

Welcome, Indie music fans from Greylock Nation and around the world to Episode #37 of INDIEcent Exposure. I'm your host, the mongrel, and, as always, I'll be treating you to some of the most brilliant and freshest tracks to be found in the indiesphere.

Editor's Note: In the audio for this episode, I misidentified Sam Miller's brand new release as an eponymous album. The album's correct name is In One Place at a Time. Also note that all artist bios are made available courtesy the artists.

The Holiday Sounds of Josh Rouse

I want to extend a hale and hearty welcome to the thousands of independent music artists who’ve arrived here from We here at the Greylock Glass are thrilled to be offering these artists special consideration for inclusion in upcoming podcast and streaming shows. I’ll be clamping my ears into the headphones and giving a close listen to Fear the Spider from St. Petersburg, Florida; MCJX from Hollis, New York, The Incurables from Westland, Michigan, Darby O. Bell from South Bend, IN; Kassidy Lynne, out of Seattle, Wash., and many, many, many more. I’m already so impressed by what I’m hearing, and I think you will be too in the coming weeks.

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In this EpisodeJosh Rouse • "Easy Man" • The Holiday Sounds of Josh RouseSam Miller • "What You See Through Is See Through" • In One Place at a TimeAlicia Beale • "Creep" (orig by Radiohead) • single Desingly • "Anna" • singleAaron Matthew • "Milosh Wants A Mango" • Bend EPMikalyn Hay • "Deep End" • singleCait Devin • "Gone" • singleNight Skies & Visions • "Contempt" • single

Today, however, we have a real treat of an interview with a veteran of the music scene who has just released an album that’s been a first of it’s kind for him, but which has been in the works for close to a decade. Josh Rouse fought back the fog that comes from international travel and spoke to us by Skype just after he’d returned from Spain where he’d debuted “The Holiday Sounds of Josh Rouse.”

We get a surprising number of holiday music submissions of all genres each year. Most of the tunes are covers, and some are really good. Some are kinda painful to listen to, to be honest. What distinguishes this latest project by Josh Rouse is that he rushed nothing. Each tune has been crafted with artistry and imagination. Josh will be playing the HiLo North Adams, Mass, Sunday, December 15 at 7:00 p.m. If you’re in the area, I really hope you drop by.