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INDIEcent Exposure #35: NTRVW — Michael Timmins of Cowboy Junkies

October 28, 2019

PLUS: Eight other artists you should give a listen to.  * EXPLICIT * (but just a tiny bit...)

Welcome, Indie music fans from around the world to Episode #35 of INDIEcent Exposure. I'm your host, the mongrel, and, as always, I'll be spinning you a wide selection of choice tracks from far flung locales and genres.

We speak with Michael Timmins of legendary alt-rock-country-blues-folk act Cowboy Junkies this past week as the band gets ready to do a micro Northeast U.S. tour.

Cowboy Junkies is a nearly 40-year collaboration between (left to right) Alan Anton, Peter Timmins, Margo Timmins, and Michael Timmins ; featured photo by Heather Pollock

Raccoon Raccoon; photo by Yoris, photographer.

Your ears did NOT deceive you if you thought you heard the voice of Michael Timmins during the cold open. This amazingly talented member of legendary alt-rock-blues-folk act Cowboy Junkies spoke with us this past week as the band gets ready to do a micro Northeast U.S. tour. We'll be hearing about 12 or 13 minutes of our talk on this episode, in addition to a couple tracks off their recent release, All that Reckoning, right here on this episode.

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We'll get to our chat with Michael Timmins and the tunes in just a bit, but first, let's open this show with a group we've heard from before — Racoon Racoon, from France, by way of Los Angeles, has just released another single, "Thunderbird." And if I've been accused of not having a softer side, well, I guess featuring this track puts the lie to that notion. So wistful and sweet, you just about have either to start with it or end with it, so here's "Thunderbird," on INDIEcent Exposure.

A little like a tune out of time, right? Again that's "Thunderbird" by Racoon Racoon.

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