In Gratitude Stories & Conversations with Rachel DesRochers

In Gratitude Stories & Conversations with Rachel DesRochers

Latest Episodes

Episode 20- Brandon Dawson on His Entrepreneurial Journey
September 15, 2019

Friends! EPISODE 20!! A couple firsts- This is my first episode talking to a few podcaster. YES! And super bonus, one of my first guest that I haven’t met before! This episode was so much fun! Also please excuse the phone calls from my mother, yep,

Episode 19 – Whitney Ellison on Joy, Enneagram and Living Her Purpose
September 01, 2019

Episode 19 I am grateful for this weeks convo. Whitney has been a friend for about 5 years, for me she is an expander, someone who helps me think bigger, believe that it is possible and can clearly see the way there.

Episode 18- Ena The Great
August 17, 2019

Hi Friends! I am so excited to be back recording episodes for us. I so much love this platform, being able to share the stories of amazing people in our community and really just highlighting the abundance of good that is right in front of us!

Episode 17 – In Gratitude Podcast with Author Reba Riley
July 27, 2019

FRIENDS! It has been too long. Summer. This odd time as a mom-preneur where balancing all the tasks and kids and work and home and more .. So things fall off and though I’ve missed making these episodes the slow down has been much appreciated.

Episode 16- Dad is back
June 15, 2019

I am back after a week hiatus as life continued to settle into our summer routine! My dad Gerry Grubbs is back on In Gratitude and talk a lot more about grace, gratitude and of course poetry. He read multiple poems today that kept reminding of us on ou...

Episode 15 Logan Armstrong – Flourish Ayurveda
June 01, 2019

Oh! Episode 15 what a treat. Earlier this year I took Logan’s 2 week Ayurveda Spring Cleanse and it was SO SO GOOD! I was looking forward to talking to her to learn more about her practice and learn more about Ayurveda.

Episode 14 – Living Lightly with Sue Hunt & Dan Jensen
May 25, 2019

Friends, On this weeks episode I spoke with Sue Hunt & Dan Jensen founders, creators and dreamers of Live Lightly. They live in Taos New Mexico and have created an amazing platform for growth, healing, yoga and a new line of supplements.

Episode 13 – Troy from The Hive
May 19, 2019

What is contemplation? What is being mindfully engaged? What is intentional social engagement? In this weeks episode I had the honor to talk to Troy Bronsink who is the Founder/Director/Spiritual Direction of The Hive.

Episode 12 – Mothering the Mother
May 12, 2019

I am super happy to share this weeks episode with you. I talked to a long time friend, a mother and a doula. Lisa Suttchenko has been mothering for 18 years and I’ve known her almost that entire time. I’ve always been in awe of her mothering as she pou...

Episode 11 – A Conversation with Rich Husseiny
May 04, 2019

So much good on this weeks episode. Rich Husseiny is an amazing man, dad and trainer. He shares with us how after a tragic loss he discovered his true self, his calling and all the things that made him come alive.