Next Step with Fr. Vazken – In His Shoes

Next Step with Fr. Vazken – In His Shoes

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Forgiveness & Freedom
July 07, 2022

Next Step #735: Back in 2007, on this day, we established the Day of Forgiveness based on Christ’s principle of forgiving without limit. Here’s another reminder of the dimensions of forgiv

The Words after Roe
July 01, 2022

Next Step with Fr. Vazken #734: The Supreme Court overturns Constitutional guarantees of Roe vs. Wade. Here’s a look beyond the usual, as Fr. Vazken begins with a log and finds the speck. A dict

June 23, 2022

Next Step #733: Beginning the 15th season of the Next Step, Fr. Vazken shares some of the most precious blessings of the ministry, spanning the last five decades. From Genocide experiences, to the pri

Children Unheard
June 17, 2022

Next Step with Fr. Vazken #732: Whether children of war or those who suffer the effects of autism, it’s the Church that is the Body of Christ in this world today. Pope Francis, Little Red Riding

Infinity and Eternity in the Highlands
June 09, 2022

Next Step with Fr. Vazken #731: A conversation with Dr. Marina Mchitarian-Lazaridou, Ph.D., A scientist with artistic interests, who opens the door and mind for a conversation on peace. An internation

Holy Spirit Building the Church
June 03, 2022

Next Step with Fr. Vazken #730: From the words of St. Paul (Ephesians 4) to the vision of Bishop Daniel Findikyan, “Building Up the Body of Christ” is the next step in direction and opport

Don’t Look Up
May 27, 2022

Next Step with Fr. Vazken #729: Ascension… The story of Christ continues through the Church with a strict command to NOT look up. The work of the Church is around us. The shooting in Texas, the

Emotional Surrogacy
May 20, 2022

Next Step with Fr. Vazken #728: Spiritual Surrogacy, from a child’s teddy bear found on the streets of post-war Artsakh, to Christian ideas of transferring responsibility. “Artsakh: Power

Rumor Controlled
May 13, 2022

Next Step with Fr. Vazken #727: The spread of mis-, dis-, and mal-information, from elections to today. Mother’s Day “heart” poem translated and read. Twisting stats for desired resu

May 06, 2022

Next Step #726 with Fr. Vazken: Bubbles and more bubbles on Cinco de Mayo. Reflections/meditation on putting together a picnic, a diocese and life. An encore presentation of “Ani Bubbles.”