Next Step with Fr. Vazken – In His Shoes

Next Step with Fr. Vazken – In His Shoes

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May 06, 2021

Next Step #674: Azerbaijanis in the Armenian Church at Shushi under the guise of renovation. Archbishop Barkev of Artsakh, speaking from a place of authority and a mystical place. Some basics of civility. “Demanding” from others? Here’s

April 29, 2021

Next Step #673: Post Genocide-recognition- downshifting to use lower gears to go faster. Fr. Vazken talks about the importance of the genocide tag and some of the dangers of the designation. Comfort directed: Christian responsibility in the face of evil.

April 22, 2021

Next Step #672: On the eve of the Armenian Genocide anniversary: Challenges to the necessity or nuisance side of remembrance. Genocide: The voices that matter. George Floyd murder trial. Keith Ellison on “Justice.” Order of events: Resurrecti

Evolving to Apostolic
April 15, 2021

Next Step #671: When Protestants discover the apostolic notion of the community, from the me to the we. The “bear” and the priest: an explanation. Space/Time, apologetics and the changes of demanding answers. Thomas’ doubt, natural expe

Easter Respect and Living
April 08, 2021

Next Step #670: After Easter, how the message “Christ has risen” moves from idea and story to inspire us to action. Primal Scream: Where is my mother? The sacrifice of the grain. Crucifixion: if not for Christ’s sake, then for who? Ken

Seven Knots Strong
April 01, 2021

Next Step #669: Holy Thursday, with the intertwining of the narrative with the poetic, the Passion of Christ is presented in new forms. The seven knots, the string and the story. Human contact returns during the feet washing service (John 13) after a yea

Lenten Vacation
March 26, 2021

Next Step #668: How I spent my Lenten vacation? Want to give it a try? Guilt and sin: setting a standard for the Christian. Overcoming addictions: drugs and religion. JW’s go for a GQ look for Jesus and vestment/textiles discussed at Tufts, all in

Spotlight Moved
March 19, 2021

Next Step #667: Setting a new pillar of Armodoxy, this, in the light of the Second Coming. The Gospel by the four evangelists, according to Jesus and according to Paul: Spin the spotlight and take a look beyond the rhetoric. An understanding that moves J

Queen Peace
March 12, 2021

Next Step #666 – March 11, 2021 – From sheep, to seeds, to chess, it’s about the metaphor/platform for the timeless Gospel message.  Lessons from Reclaim – faith in a post-pandemic world, on the first anniversary of the WHO procla

March 05, 2021

Next Step #665: Overshadowed by the Prodigal Son, here’s what to look for as the clouds clear. Reclaim prep: Youth as alternatives to future revelations of the self. “Acts of God” and acts of humans: choice and no choice in the decision