Next Step with Fr. Vazken – In His Shoes

Next Step with Fr. Vazken – In His Shoes

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First Risks
November 15, 2019

Next Step #597: Being the first brings risks and loneliness. Following up on last week’s up-close-and-personal look, Fr. Vazken focuses on his patron saint. A look at St. Andrew the Disciples who followed Jesus: Lessons on bravery and power. Holy A

Memento Mori
November 08, 2019

Next Step #596: It’s debatable whether or not he who dies with the most toys wins; however, what is not up for discussion is that he who dies with the most toys, still dies! Two biographies – one of the Gambler Kirk Kerkorian and the other, A

Unmasking Halloween
November 01, 2019

Next Step #595: What’s under the mask? Strip search and the necessity to cry while peeling an onion and the layers that mask our selves and our lives. What we lost as the US Congress recognized the Genocide. Beyond mourning: applying tragedy to the

Realigned to the Road Ahead
October 25, 2019

Next Step #594: The Genocide is not a bargain chip nor a punishment: Rejecting a political solution for sacred remembrance. A look and re-look at a true mission for ourselves and our collective energy, as prescribed by Christ himself. “For this I w

Between the Rocks: Peace Today
October 18, 2019

Next Step #593: Syria attacked by Turkey. Fr Vazken gives the IHS response – overcoming evil and our obligation to peace, as Christians and Armenians who have been on the receiving end of the Turkish sword. Includes a prayer for peace. Connecting d

Presumption of Coincidence
October 11, 2019

Next Step #592: From Nebraska to Sasnashen the path and trail of a blessing. Optimism vs leadership: Vazken I and clergy greats of the 20th century. Noah, Hayk and his granddaughter. McCarthyism and the Presumption of Innocence. Opportunity missed: Auror

Good Fish
October 04, 2019

Next Step #591: Returning from Armenia, the opening of the Sasnashen Youth Center, visits to the sacred and the meaning behind them. Forgiveness in action – hugging the perpetrators of the crime. A new and healthier definition for fanaticism connec

Revisit Interstellar Peace
September 26, 2019

Next Step #590: Revisiting Interstellar Jesus from Episode #335 in 2014.  Rising with Orwell beyond “stale language,” Fr. Vazken uses the metaphors of the “superweird” regarding black holes to challenge a new vocabulary for love, forgiveness and peace. W

Listening to Unprocessed Thoughts
September 19, 2019

Next Step #589: Revisiting “Unprocessed Thoughts” from Episode #331 in 2014. A flow of ideas from Yerevan, Armenia. In a whirlwind trip to Armenia, Fr. Vazken comes with some candid thoughts on the road to development. #Lunareclipse #Sacredsp

Hysteria and Exaltation
September 13, 2019

Next Step #588: Hysteria takes many forms. From the Beatles (Beatlemania) to expressions today in the self-professed prophets of Christianity, the excitement focuses on the messenger rather than the message. Dangers of Bible study without structure. The