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Episode 14: A look into Cold Plasma Technology
February 10, 2022

Join host Bruce Perkin and guest Dr. Brendan A. Niemira as they examine and explain cold plasma technology. Listen in to find out advantages cold plasma has over traditional methods, the environmental

Episode 13: Hacking Food Waste: A follow-up with IFT Student Competition Winners
January 19, 2022

Join host Bruce Perkins to learn more about the student group who won the Dont Spoil It! An International Digital Hackathon in March 2021. The students share their motivations for joining the competi

Episode 12: A CRISPR Food Future
November 30, 2021

Did you know it has been over 30 years since genetically modified crops were introduced for consumption? In this episode, guest Dr. Haven Baker joins us to talk about a relatively new form of gene edi

Episode 11: The Challenge of Water
October 28, 2021

Water is a critical resource for growing and processing food. This episode discusses the challenges we face regarding water, and present and future solutions to resolve them. Host Bruce Perkin and gue

Episode 10: The Current State of African Swine Fever
October 04, 2021

African Swine Fever (ASF) continues to be hot topic to those working in food. ASF has been spreading across the globe, killing millions of pigs and is a viable threat to the US pork industry as it has

Episode 9: Fresh Produce – Ready to Eat and Ready to Explore
September 20, 2021

Fresh fruits and vegetables are a delicious part of any meal and are the area of focus for our next discussion. As the episode unravels, we will learn about increasing fresh produce consumption in sch

Episode 8: Pet Food: The surprising use of science hiding in plain sight
August 23, 2021

The global pet food market is worth over $90 billion a year. As the pet food field continues to grow, many may be surprised to learn about the level of science that goes behind developing our furry fr

Episode 7: Microalgae: Modernuses of an ancient ingredient
July 28, 2021

Humans have been eating microalgae for thousands of years. With consumers looking for innovativeand sustainableproducts, microalgae ispopping up asauniqueingredient in modern timesas well.In this epis

Episode 6: Growth in Food Production Requires “Inside Knowledge”
June 29, 2021

It wasn’t long ago that the generally accepted view of growing food indoors was not commercially viable. As technology improves and input costs decrease, growing food indoors vertically is becoming mo

Episode 5: Flavor is Key: What you should know about flavors and their importance in launching new foods and beverages
June 09, 2021

How do you create apple pie flavoring when everyone has their own memory of their favorite apple pie? This episode’s guests will help! Dave Franz, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at FlavorSum, and Lisa Jackson, Director of Marketing,