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It’s ON! Fighting Election Theft and Corruption
November 14, 2020

Show Summary: President Trump is fighting election theft on an industrial scale. Hint: It’s not just “voter fraud.” That’s a person stealing or forging a vote. What we’re seeing in 2020 goes way beyond that. An eyewitness tells us what happened in PA,

Oregon Fires: The Left’s Policy of ‘Let it Burn’ — Forests and Cities
September 22, 2020

Show Summary: For years, the “environmental” Left has cared for the environment by funding itself with billions of taxpayer dollars. But they have done nothing to prevent fires. With it’s “let it burn” policy leading to massive Oregon fires,

Doing Great Things During Hard Times: Oregon’s Truckers
September 12, 2020

Show Summary: Truckers have always been everyday heroes. Right now, with Oregon’s wildfires, they are larger than life heroes. We talk with Jana Jarvis of OTA, to find out what they’re up against. Five Different Times, on Seven Different Stations.

Orders v Constitutional Rights: Fighting Back Against Mandate Abuse
August 25, 2020

Show Summary: Are politicians and others exploiting Covid-19 to push agendas? Where are our rights in the middle of this panic-demic? We talk with Southeastern Legal Foundations, Kim Hermann to find out how we defend ourselves in an era of Covid overre...

Going Over the Wall: What China Knew and What We Didn’t
April 25, 2020

Show Summary: China lied is in the news. Did they? We talk with geopolitical expert Dr. Tim Ball to help us peer over the wall. Plus, what next in the rule by models era? Five Different Times, on Seven Different Stations. Listen anywhere!

Corona Virus Lockdown: Good Friday, Good Questions, Bad Models
April 11, 2020

Show Summary: Oregon doubles down on its Corona virus lockdown. Based on bad models. How long will churches and businesses put up with it? Plus questions from listeners. Five Different Times, on Seven Different Stations. Listen anywhere!

Corona Virus Numbers Overreaction? Plus: Intelligence Failure in China?
April 04, 2020

Show Summary: Societal, economic, and health care emergency policies appear to be mainly driven by a single model. Why are we ignoring other studies? Are policymakers overreacting to corona virus models? Why did Governor Kate Brown limit access to COVI...

Corona Virus Bailout Rescue Plan | Will We Avoid Economic Disaster?
March 28, 2020

Show Summary: Congress passed its Corona Virus bailout rescue bill. Will it be enough to avoid economic disaster? What’s next for all those states (like Oregon) that decided to shut down all those businesses? Plus, a little left wing myth busting.

As the Corona Virus War Battles On… Hope
March 21, 2020

Show Summary: The media-induced panic-mongering over the corona virus reached new heights this week. Or maybe lows. In either case, with their focus on panic, it means they’re overlooking the good news. Also,

A Lifeboat of Sanity in a Sea of Panic | Corona Virus and the Markets
March 14, 2020

Show Summary: There’s a lot of panic about the Corona Virus. Don’t give into panic. Good information kills panic, and we’ve got some for you. Including some really good news. Original Air Dates: Mar, 14 & 15,