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Davids Fighting Back Against Goliaths | Attacks on Conservatives
January 16, 2021

Show Summary: Democrats are acting like they have massive majorities and with the aid of their media and social(ist) media allies, they are quickly working to seize total control. With the aid of the media,

Get off the Path to Tyranny | Stop America’s Slide toward Socialism
January 12, 2021

Show Summary: With one of the most-locked down economies in the nation, Oregon knows about tyranny. We talk with State Senator Dennis Linthicum on how we correct course—statewide and nationally. Five Different Times, on Seven Different Stations.

A Little Christmas – A Former Jihadist Joins Us for Some Peace on Earth
December 26, 2020

Show Summary: This week, we talk with former jihadist, Kamal Saleem. Kamal came to America to destroy it from within but converted to Christianity and now works to expose the dangers of Islam. We talk with him about Christmas,

Election Conspiracy: It’s More Widespread than We Thought
December 19, 2020

Show Summary: The media doesn’t see any election fraud. Mainly because they refuse to look. We’re finding plenty of election conspiracy and the depth and breadth of it is astounding. This week, new evidence of 2020’s election-theft conspiracy has emerg...

Election Aftermath – Good vs Evil. Stop the Steal.
December 14, 2020

Show Summary: We talk with Burgess Owens, who retook the seat lost by Mia Love in 2018 when she turned anti-Trump, and the fight ahead for the soul of the nation. We also talk with Dr. Jerome Corsi on the plot to bring down the President — and why he t...

Yes Virginia, there was Election Fraud
December 05, 2020

Show Summary: Despite the mainstream and social(ist) media trying to tell you otherwise, there was election fraud. We examine the evidence from statistical and legal angles. Hint: even mere logic tells you election fraud happened.

Massive Election Theft? Media’s Response to Giuliani Press Conference
November 23, 2020

Show Summary: This week, we look at the epic Giuliani press conference on Thursday, that laid out multiple charges of election theft. But the media immediately scoffed at it. What happened to a media that used to investigate,

It’s ON! Fighting Election Theft and Corruption
November 14, 2020

Show Summary: President Trump is fighting election theft on an industrial scale. Hint: It’s not just “voter fraud.” That’s a person stealing or forging a vote. What we’re seeing in 2020 goes way beyond that. An eyewitness tells us what happened in PA,

Oregon Fires: The Left’s Policy of ‘Let it Burn’ — Forests and Cities
September 22, 2020

Show Summary: For years, the “environmental” Left has cared for the environment by funding itself with billions of taxpayer dollars. But they have done nothing to prevent fires. With it’s “let it burn” policy leading to massive Oregon fires,

Doing Great Things During Hard Times: Oregon’s Truckers
September 12, 2020

Show Summary: Truckers have always been everyday heroes. Right now, with Oregon’s wildfires, they are larger than life heroes. We talk with Jana Jarvis of OTA, to find out what they’re up against. Five Different Times, on Seven Different Stations.