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Hell Week and Beyond
March 27, 2021

Show Summary: To become a SEAL, they very best of our soldiers must survive Hell Week. What they learned can help you make it through your own Hell. A new book by Scott McEwen, co-author of American Sniper. Five Different Times,

The Wokeness just isn’t Slowing Down | Corporate and Racist Racism
March 22, 2021

Show Summary: Corporate wokeness? What happened to making profits for the real owners of a company—the shareholders? And the Biden administration’s outrageous racist policies to fix racism. But that just makes our government peddlers of racism.

Equity & Fairness (But Only if You’re the Correct Kind)
March 16, 2021

Show Summary: Last week, our guest said a new focus of the political left is to infuse “equity and fairness” into everything. This week, we dig a little deeper into how that plays out: in community safety and policing,

Victory, Valor, and Vaccines – Wait, so the Constitution Matters?
March 10, 2021

Show Summary: Just when you thought the Constitution didn’t matter any more, along comes Southeastern Legal Foundation’s huge win in federal court to throw out the CDC’s power grab to block landlords from evicting renters.

The Green Energy Scam that Fooled Texas (and the Rest of America)
March 10, 2021

Show Summary: Welcome to the new phase of Global Warming – Global Freezing. Yes, the Left really does want you to believe Global Warming caused the ice and snow in Texas. But they don’t want you to believe green energy failed. Sure.

Black Voices | Inspiration from Those on the Front Lines
March 10, 2021

Show Summary: It’s Black History Month! What better way to celebrate than with voices that get overlooked: Black conservatives. It’s all about diversity and individuality, right? Although, why is it democrats seem to shun Blacks who choose to be indivi...

When Ruling goes to their Heads | Defending Ourselves
February 08, 2021

Show Summary: A look at what’s happening in California, assaults on liberty, national security hot spots coming up, and the intrusion of Big Tech (including right into what you thought was a harmless email) as Big Tech makes itself the vanguard of Big ...

Facing a Biden World | Vaccines, HCQ, and Economics out the Window
January 30, 2021

Show Summary: What do you really know about the vaccines? Did you know mRNA vaccines, which trick your cells into replicating covid-19 proteins, have never been tried in humans before? Are we all just human guinea pigs now? New revelations on HCQ,

Stones for Davids | Fighting the New American Oligarchy
January 23, 2021

Show Summary: The American oligarchy of Big Government, Big Business, and Big Media is formidable. Here’s some ammunition to use. This week we take a look at the legal tools available. Five Different Times, on Seven Different Stations.

Davids Fighting Back Against Goliaths | Attacks on Conservatives
January 16, 2021

Show Summary: Democrats are acting like they have massive majorities and with the aid of their media and social(ist) media allies, they are quickly working to seize total control. With the aid of the media,