Houselights: A Film Director Podcast

Houselights: A Film Director Podcast

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House of Scott - 168 - Déjà Vu
February 15, 2024

Dj Vu is a rollercoaster of suspense, romance, and time-bending intrigue. If youre up for a mind-bending ride, buckle in and prepare for dj vu like never before.

House of Scott - 167 - Man on Fire
February 08, 2024

Tony Scotts vision transformed a familiar revenge tale into a visceral experience. The films stylized visuals, pulsating soundtrack by Harry Gregson-Williams, and Washingtons magnetic presence ling

House of Scott - 166 - Crimson Tide
February 01, 2024

Roger Ebert praised the movie for its intelligent dramatization of the choices, dangers, and duties of nuclear warfare. The movies screenplay is credited to Michael Schiffer, but the punchy dialogue

House of Scott - 165 - True Romance
January 26, 2024

Tony Scott's "True Romance" is a wild and unpredictable ride through the underbelly of crime and passion, delivering a unique blend of violence, humor, and heart. Released in 1993, the film boasts a s

House of Scott - 164 - The Last Boy Scout
January 18, 2024

"The Last Boy Scout" is a movie that has its moments but ultimately falls short of its potential due to its formulaic plot, one-dimensional characters, and problematic portrayal of women. However, the

House of Scott - 163 - Beverly Hills Cop II
January 12, 2024

"Beverly Hills Cop II" is a mixed bag of nostalgia and action, with Eddie Murphy's charm and Tony Scott's directorial finesse elevating the viewing experience. Tune in as we break down the highs and l

Happy New Year!
January 05, 2024

Here is a short message of thanks and a preview of what is to come in 2024.

House of Cuarón - 162 - Gravity
December 28, 2023

Alfonso Cuarn's meticulous attention to detail is evident from the film's opening moments, where viewers are thrust into the vastness of space alongside Sandra Bullock's character, Dr. Ryan Stone. Th

House of Cuarón - 161 - Chrildren of Men
December 21, 2023

Through his use of long takes, commitment to authenticity, and focus on character-driven narratives, Alfonso Cuarn elevates "Children of Men" from a dystopian thriller to a cinematic work of art. The

House of Cuarón - 160 - Prisoner of Azkaban
December 14, 2023

"Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban" stands out not only as a fantastic installment in the wizarding saga but also as a testament to Alfonso Cuarn's directorial prowess. The film successfully s