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House of Fincher - 06 - Panic Room
August 06, 2020

Three years after Fight Club, David Fincher decided to create a “small movie” that steered him heavily back into suspense thriller territory. Starring Jodie Foster, Panic Room situated itself in a single house, with a terrified mother and daughter,...

House of Fincher - 05 - Fight Club
July 30, 2020

There was one film in 1999 that everyone was waiting for from George Lucas, a surprise hit that redefined Keanu’s career, and an Austin Powers sequel that made buckets of money. But David Fincher left his own indelible mark on the times as he...

House of Fincher - 04 - The Game
July 23, 2020

After Se7en, David Fincher transitioned to a more intimate tale told on a grand scale. The Game found its way to audiences with Michael Douglas and Sean Penn filling the lead roles, and Fincher’s growing comfort with spectacle and misdirection put...

House of Fincher - 03 - Seven
July 16, 2020

Working past the debacle that was the production of Alien 3, David Fincher quickly found his way to a film that would serve as his calling card for years afterward. Se7en gave him the chance to tell a story outside the shackles of studio...

House of Fincher - 02 - Alien 3
July 09, 2020

After years in the music video industry, David Fincher was handed the break of a lifetime to the direct the third installment in the landmark Alien franchise. The first two defined genre filmmaking and Fincher found himself challenged by...

House of Fincher - 01 - Music Videos
June 29, 2020

In our first episode exploring David Fincher's directorial works, we discuss his music videos. We each pick our absolute favorites and where we see his distinct style in them. We start the episode with why we love the works of this director.