Houselights: A Film Director Podcast

Houselights: A Film Director Podcast

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House of Baird - 178 - US Marshals
April 25, 2024

“U.S. Marshals” may not surpass its predecessor, but it still offers solid entertainment, especially for fans of action thrillers. While it lacks Harrison Ford’s star power, Tommy Lee Jones holds the

House of Baird - 177 - Executive Decision
April 18, 2024

Stuart Baird's "Executive Decision" may have its quirks, but it's an adrenaline-fueled thriller that keeps viewers hooked from takeoff to landing. Baird's directorial debut showcases his talent for su

House of Gerwig - 176 - Barbie
April 11, 2024

With its heartfelt message of self-acceptance and dazzling visuals, Barbie is sure to capture the hearts of audiences of all ages. Greta Gerwig has once again proven herself a fantastic storyteller, a

House of Gerwig - 175 - Little Women
April 04, 2024

Greta Gerwig's "Little Women": A cinematic marvel that delicately stitches together the threads of sisterhood, ambition, and love. Gerwig's adaptation dances between past and present, breathing life i

House of Gerwig - 174 - Lady Bird
March 29, 2024

Gerwigs semi-autobiographical script captures the essence of adolescencethe yearning for independence, the clash with parental expectations, and the search for identity. Lady Birds journey feels re

House of Zwick - 173 - Pawn Sacrifice
March 21, 2024

Pawn Sacrifice raises questions about obsession, genius, and the sacrifices made in pursuit of excellence. Whether youre a chess enthusiast or a curious filmgoer, this movie offers a glimpse into a

House of Zwick - 172 - The Last Samurai
March 14, 2024

Set against the backdrop of Japans Meiji Restoration, the film follows the journey of Captain Nathan Algren (played brilliantly by Tom Cruise), a disillusioned American Civil War veteran. Algren is h

House of Zwick - 171 - The Siege
March 07, 2024

The Siege goes beyond mere action-thriller territory. It delves into the political and human costs of terrorism and our collective response to it. The film raises thought-provoking questions about c

House of Zwick - 170 - Glory
February 29, 2024

Glory, directed by Edward Zwick, is a powerful and poignant historical war drama that chronicles the remarkable story of the 54th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment, one of the Union Armys earliest Af

House of Scott - 169 - Unstoppable
February 22, 2024

Tony Scott was a master of kinetic cinema. His need-for-speed tendency permeates every frame of Unstoppable. Even in his final film, Scotts craftsmanship shines. He didnt go out with a whimper; he