Horror Lasagna

Horror Lasagna

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Season 02 – Episode 02 – Grabbers
November 03, 2021

Overview We continue with our season 02 visitations by visiting Ireland. Besides the great accent (at least for Americans) and the beautiful country – we have a monster. Big old tentacled beastie. Thi

Season 02 – Episode 01 – Audition
October 18, 2021

Overview We start of season 02 with a bang – just like season 01. This is not a light movie, but it is interesting. We discuss the multi-layered story that happens here. While this movie isn’t for eve

Season 02 – Episode 00 – Visitation Intro
October 14, 2021

Season Overview Welcome to Season 02! This seasons theme is visitation. We have 10 great movies lined up for you from the macabre to horrific to downright creepy. YouTube

Season 01 – Bonus Episode – American Remakes
October 11, 2021

Overview We are back for more! As if you couldn’t get enough. This is a bonus episode for season 01. We watched several American remakes of some of the films we talked about this season. Martyrs – Mar

Season 01 – Episode 11 – Todd and the Book of Pure Evil
October 11, 2021

Overview To end season 01, we present to you a horror comedy TV show. If you like corny, cheesy, tongue in cheek humor, this is the show for you. Our discussion centers around the main themes of the m

Season 01 – Episode 10 – The Loved Ones
October 08, 2021

Overview The Loved Ones looks like a teen slasher comedy, you know, like some of the popular stuff in the 70’s to 90’s. This movie is anything BUT that. We break up our comedy section of the season wi

Season 01 – Episode 09 – Suck
October 08, 2021

Overview Based on all the very intense horror films we’ve had this season, you’d think horror comedy doesn’t even exist. Oh, my friend, you would be so wrong. Enter Suck – a vampire comedy that is alm

Season 01 – Episode 08 – Let the Right One In
October 07, 2021

Overview Another vampire movie, which is interesting because we have 3 vampire movies in season 01 and Rhys doesn’t really care for vampire movies. That should tell you how different they are. Anyway,

Season 01 – Episode 07 – La Casa Muda
October 05, 2021

Overview This is an interesting movie for a couple reasons. It’s from Uruguay It’s meant to be a single shot movie – we discuss that because, come on, really? It’s micro-budget but made back a ton of

Season 01 – Episode 06 – The Innocents
October 04, 2021

Overview A literary horror based on Henry James “Turn of the Screw”. This isn’t the only movie made from that book – there are over 30 variations throughout the years. This one is fairly adherent to t