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Horror Lasagna

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Season 04 Episode 10 – Blackcoat’s Daughter
February 03, 2024

Overview As we wind down Season 04, we give you a great one from A24. The Blackcoat’s Daughter feels like an older movie than it is. If it was grainier, I’d think Ti West did it. The horror is subtle

Season 04 Episode 09 – Battle Royale
January 12, 2024

Overview Quick name the movie where a dystopian future takes a bunch of kids and dumps them in a remote location so they can battle for their lives with only one victor. Of course we know that movie

Bonus – 2023 Halloween Horrorfest Marathon
December 22, 2023

Overview What everyone wants for Christmas and our Christmas gift to you the 2023 Halloween bonus episode! Its so good, we couldnt get it out in a timely manner, so you get it at Christmas. Whatev

Bonus Episode – The Horror Diet
October 08, 2023

Overview October is special bonus episode time a treat for you! Well start off with clips from the wonderful talk that Rhys has given several times called The Horror Diet. No, its not our favorite

Season 04 Episode 08 – Cooties
September 13, 2023

Overview Forget the slashers. Forget the demons. Who cares about the crazy psychological horror. Its time for the big bad monster horror movie. Something weve all been afraid of since middle school.

Season 04 Episode 07 – Last Shift
August 25, 2023

Overview today we talk about a movie that focuses on the job of police officer. And this poor officer is new to the job, and not prepared for what they get. I dont know, if I was told to watch an aba

Season 04 Episode 06 – The Sentinel
August 11, 2023

Overview The sentinel talk about dedicated to your job. And it may not even be one you wanted. But hey, when youre as big as the Catholic church and its for your religion, you can make someone pro

Season 04 Episode 05 – Kill List
July 21, 2023

Overview Lets watch a movie about a job that everyone can relate to assassin. And since this is Horror Lasagna, it gets horrific. I mean, even more horrific than someone killing someone. well just

Season 04 Episode 04 House of the Devil
July 02, 2023

Overview Now we come to a classic 70s horror movie made in the 2000s. House of the Devil is a loving homage to the horror from the 70s that the director, Ti West, grew up watching. He does a fanta

Season 04 Episode 03 – Freaks
June 16, 2023

Overview We jump back about 100 years and talk about a job that is rare circus freaks. The term freaks meant something different back then compared to now. It is a job that doesnt exist as much tod