Horror Lasagna

Horror Lasagna

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Season 03 Episode 06 – Apostle
November 04, 2022

Overview Apostle – Wikipedia Apostle (2018) – IMDb Trailer Get It Netflix YouTube Transcript

Season 03 – Episode 05 – His House
October 07, 2022

Overview You know it would be nice to be able to move to a country and escape the war ravaging your birth country. Who needs the stress of being shot at. And if you have to jump through some hoops t

Season 03 – Episode 04 – The Hallow
September 16, 2022

Overview Join us today as we have a nice visit to the woods. Tall trees, green, fresh air. Animals with black fungus growing out of them. Mythological creatures kidnapping babies. So relax. for those

Season 03 – Episode 03 Part B – Midsommar
September 02, 2022

Overview And we are back with Midsommar. What? We already did this one? Well, if you had actually listened to the episode, youd know that Midsommar had so much to talk about that we had to break it

Season 03 – Episode 03 Part A – Midsommar
August 21, 2022

Overview Lets celebrate! And lets do it in some factor of 9. Well, unless you are 72 then youre celebrating days are over. Oh, and dont forget the drugs. Sound like a bunch of random rambling. Y

Season 03 – Episode 02 – Bone Tomahawk
August 07, 2022

Overview Do you like Westerns? Cowboys, Indians (Native American/First Nation), gunfights, horseback riding, etc? Yeah? Well, you may be surprised by this western. Most of the standard western tropes

Season 03 – Episode 01 – Hold the Dark
July 15, 2022

Overview Our first culture clash takes place in northern climes and its cold. This is another one that is based on a book and its a wild ride right from the start. What seems like a simple story of a

Season 02 – Episode 10 – Attack the Block
June 17, 2022

Overview Attack the Block closes out season 02 with a great alien invasion that is thwarted by a bunch of street thugs. One of those thugs does go on to help the Resistance and another goes on to be a

Season 03 – Episode 00 – Culture Clash Intro
June 17, 2022

Overview We are on to season 03! For this new season, the movies are tied together with the theme of culture clash. And there are a variety of cultures that have conflict. We discuss what the theme me

Season 02 – Bonus Episode – Event Horizon
June 17, 2022

Overview In Season 02, we watched Europa Report, a movie that is touted as being realistic in its depiction of space travel. We liked that movie for its subtle and low-key portrayal of the monster. Th