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Horror Lasagna

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Season 02 – Episode 09 – Hatchet
May 20, 2022

Overview Today we are talking about Hatchet. This is not the middle grade kid’s book, this is all horror. This is actually a pretty popular series with several sequels and the head ‘bad guy’ is very p

Season 02 – Episode 08 – The Maus
January 31, 2022

Overview If you like a little history with your horror, this is the film for you. The Croatian – Serbian conflict from the 90’s may not seem that personal to us, but to at least one of the characters

Season 02 – Episode 07 – Europa Report
January 11, 2022

Overview We have a mission – not to Mars but Europa, one of Jupiter’s moons. Hence the title of the movie. If you didn’t get that. This is a rare movie that borders between horror and sci-fi. If you l

Season 02 – Episode 06 – Krampus
December 20, 2021

Overview It’s Christmas, which means it’s time for feel good holiday movies. That is, of course, unless you’re coming to this podcast – which it seems you are. Throw out the fuzzy feelings for a clich

Season 02 – Episode 05 – Mama
December 16, 2021

Overview This is a big production movie but you may not have ever heard about it. Big name – Jessica Chastain. Big producer – Guillermo Del Toro. Big budget – 16 million. Hollywood blockbuster – um, c

Season 02 – Episode 04 – The Phantom Carriage
December 10, 2021

Overview This movie will surprise you. It is a big blockbuster. In fact, it’s one of the chosen films to be on the criterion collection. It has ground breaking special effects. Ingrid Bergman lists it

Season 02 – Episode 03 – The Den
November 19, 2021

Overview We come to a fairly new horror movie based on the found footage genre. This one uses web cam footage to show us the story and paint the horrific events. Will definitely make you check that yo

Season 02 – Episode 02 – Grabbers
November 03, 2021

Overview We continue with our season 02 visitations by visiting Ireland. Besides the great accent (at least for Americans) and the beautiful country – we have a monster. Big old tentacled beastie. Thi

Season 02 – Episode 01 – Audition
October 18, 2021

Overview We start of season 02 with a bang – just like season 01. This is not a light movie, but it is interesting. We discuss the multi-layered story that happens here. While this movie isn’t for eve

Season 02 – Episode 00 – Visitation Intro
October 14, 2021

Season Overview Welcome to Season 02! This seasons theme is visitation. We have 10 great movies lined up for you from the macabre to horrific to downright creepy. YouTube