Welcome to The Home Based Travel Agent Show

Welcome to The Home Based Travel Agent Show

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452 – The Top Ten Travel Destinations for 2023 With Peter Worthing
January 07, 2023

Show Notes Where do people want to travel in 2023? Peter Worthing with Audley Travel explains that Japan and Australia are among the top ten destinations according to Audley Travel’s survey of their c

451 – Beautiful North Lake Tahoe With Bart Peterson
December 15, 2022

Show Notes North Lake Tahoe is a beautiful destination where you can explore the beauty of all that nature has to offer. There are beautiful beaches, crystal-clear freshwater lakes, and mountain vista

450 – Luxury Travel With Shane Mahoney
December 01, 2022

Show Notes Shane Mahoney of Lugos travel joins the show to describe how his company takes the stress out of creating unique luxury travel packages for his clients. The process of creating a unique lux

449 – Enchanting Morro Bay, California With Michael Wambolt
November 15, 2022

Show Notes Morro Bay is an enchanting small town on the coast of California between Los Angeles and San Francisco. Morro Bay is a fishing town with a beautiful harbor, but it is unlike any other harbo

448 – Travel Scams and Hacks With Adam Levin
October 26, 2022

Show Notes You are going to get hacked or scammed. Adam Levin says travel is a petri dish for hackers and scammers. He says this is a fact of life as sure as death and taxes. Its essential that you b

447 – Dara Busch On How and Why People Are Spending Their Money On Travel And What They Expect
September 26, 2022

Show Notes Dara Busch, Co-CEO and head of the consumer team at 5WPR. 5WPR is the ninth-largest travel public relations company in the world. We have the opportunity to speak with Dara in todays podca

446 – Social Media Tips for the Travel Advisor With Cyndee Harrison
September 01, 2022

Show Notes Maneuvering the ins and outs of social media can be a complex task but very important for your marketing efforts. Successful businesses today must have a social media presence and a marketi

445 – Luxury Under a Dark Sky at Clear Sky Resorts
July 15, 2022

Show Notes Exploring nature and spending time in environments that is conducive to such activities is growing in popularity among all age groups. Combining exploring the Grand Canyon, and native cultu

444 – Discover Cities Like Never Before With David Naczycz
July 01, 2022

Show Notes Unlocking the hidden treasures in our cities is easy when you have a kind person showing you around; showing you the culture, exploring the food, and letting you in on the history. Finding

443 – Astrotourism With Michael Marlin
June 23, 2022

Show Notes Space tourism is all about looking down whereas astrotourism is all about looking up as Michael Marlin describes astrotourism in this podcast. We have lost a precious resource over the last