Health Hats, the Podcast

Health Hats, the Podcast

A Gift That Keeps Giving

June 28, 2020

Regina Holliday inspires me. A learning dynamo she takes her skills - painting, connection, spirit, whatever – to catalyze whoever touches someone she has touched. She’s a gift that keeps giving.

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Proem 00:46. 1

Enmeshed. Maintain the fire. Keep listening 03:39. 2

Enmeshed with community 15:17. 4

Eureka, the Walking Gallery 17:20. 4

Seminary, calling, mitzvah 25:13. 6

Covid, masks, gardens 29:35. 6

Reflection 33:19. 7

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Music by permission from Joey van Leeuwen, Boston Drummer, Composer, Arranger

Sponsored by Abridge

Thanks to these fine people who inspired me for this episode: Benjamin Berlin, Amy Edgar, Marsha Goodman-Wood, Alex Fair, Mark Johnson, Michael Mittleman, Josh Rubin, Claire Sachs, Colin Hung, Ileana Balcu, Julie Arnheim, Jan Oldenburg
Walking Gallery


73 Cents, A Film

Danny McGinnis, Jr.

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Bellin Health

Chiara Bell

Kaiser Permanente Center for Total Health

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The Show
Regina Holliday inspires me because she is a learning dynamo. She takes her skills - painting, connection, spirit, whatever – to catalyze whoever touches someone she has touched. She’s a gift that keeps giving.
Regina Holliday, known worldwide for her Walking Gallery, lives in God’s country near the Cumberland Gap, Maryland, close to my old stomping grounds in West Virginia. The Walking Gallery is hundreds of jackets painted by Regina and h...