Health Hats, the Podcast

Health Hats, the Podcast

Engaging with Sax – Good as I Am – Merry Holidays

December 22, 2019

Sometimes I wish I had fallen in love with the flute. It would be easier than carrying the 40-pound sax up and downstairs. But it motivates me to keep doing my squats and increasing upper body strength as my lower body function diminishes. So, engaging with sax is perfect for me. Using different parts of my brain, learning every day, keeping me humble, and spiritually strong. Are you still playing the baritone sax? is a spot-on personal health outcome for me. So merry holidays everyone. I hope you have a musical season

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Falling into the Sax 00:55. 1

Engaged with Sax – First round 03:21. 1

Improv for music and health 04:12. 2

From virtuoso, Al Gallodoro, to Herb’s Heard, the Big Band 06:18. 2

Amateurs with Professionals in Music and Health 09:26. 3

Humbled with Lechuga Fresca, Latin Band 12:41. 3

Reflections on a Merry Holiday 15:38  4

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Music by permission from Joey van Leeuwen, New Orleans Drummer, Composer
Christmas Jazz Music I Instrumentals & Vocals I No Copyright Music
Sponsored by Abridge

Thanks to these fine people who inspired me for this episode: Dan Fox, Jeff Harrington, Glen Alto, Peter Cicco, Andrea Condit, Betsy Cowan, Bruce Hoppe, Joey van Leeuwen, Josh Rosenstock, Leni Webber, Karen Welling, Harry Wolfson, Carol Band, Eric Solomon, Larry Mazza, Kristina Johnson, Jon Fraser, Ryan Vasios, Stephen DeBenedictis, Sara Lorraine Snyder, Amy Faeskorn
Geri Lynn Baumblatt
the Association for Patient Experience Newsletter entitled Engaged with Sax
Al Gallodoro playing Summertime on YouTube
Jeff Harrington
Dan Fox's Morningside Studios
Lechuga Fresca tunes

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