Health Hats, the Podcast

Health Hats, the Podcast

Caring for Parents. It’s Their Life. Open the Door.

November 10, 2019

Allie, Becky, and Jenni have gone through the gut-wrenching experience of trying to manage the physical and cognitive deterioration of their parents. How do you partner from a distance with reluctant parents? Do you intervene? How do you intervene? How much do you intervene? What's best for them?  How do we maintain our boundaries as we help parents we love so much and make us so crazy?

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Episode Notes
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Introducing the Keeney’s 00:56. 1

Alzheimer’s? No dementia. 06:03. 2

CEO of someone with cognitive challenges? 08:35. 3

Decision-making. Adjusting on the fly 13:05. 4

A growing crisis. Rescue mission. 19:00. 5

The first move 22:10. 6

Healthy? Social connection! 27:41. 7

Cascading craziness. Big decisions. 29:57. 7

She was the love of my life 34:10. 8

Reliving tragedy 34:40. 8

Moving again. Another chapter. 36:19. 8

Words of wisdom: Start the conversation now 39:11. 9

It’s a full-time job, taking care of myself 43:09. 10

Reflections 46:37  10

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Music by permission from Joey van Leeuwen, New Orleans Drummer, Composer

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Welcome to Health Hats, learning on the journey toward best health. I am Danny van Leeuwen, a two-legged, old, cisgender, white man with privilege, living in a food oasis, who can afford many hats and knows a little about a lot of healthcare and a lot about very little. Most people wear hats one at a time, but I wear them all at once.  I'm the Rosetta Stone of Healthcare. We will listen and learn about what it takes to adjust to life's realities in the awesome circus of healthcare.  Let's make some sense of all this.

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Introducing the Keeney’s
I've known the Keeney family for half a century. They were my second family and my safe haven during my high school and college years. I've paid the gift of them forward several times in my life. Gratitude! Jerry was my high school history teacher and Peggy, a feminist and artist.