Heal Nourish Grow Podcast

Heal Nourish Grow Podcast

Fasting, Meditation, Biohacking and Natural Wine

November 10, 2021

In this episode, I am talking with the Founder of Dry Farm Wines, Todd White. We discuss meditation, nutrition, fasting, biohacking and ketogenic diets, and of course natural wines. Learn more about a sustainable low carb lifestyle that includes mindful living while still enjoying sugar-free wine.

Todd shares with us his journey from Atkins to the sustainable and moderate keto lifestyle he is currently living. He also shares his vast knowledge on the different versions of keto and his go to biohacking tools, such as cold plunges and saunas.

Mediation and fasting are two big players in his life and have been for over twenty years.

We also learn more about Dry Farm Wines. You can read our review of Dry Farm wines here along with videos showing you can drink their wine and stay in ketosis! They are the  only natural wine company serving the European standards of purity within the states with tested alcohol percentages under 12.5 percent.

All this and more in this conversation with Todd, lots of great information you can use in this one!

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Watch the interview with Todd White on YouTube.


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Cheryl McColgan: Hi everyone. Today, I'm sitting here with Todd White, and I am so excited to speak to him because I have heard him interviewed multiple times in the past, and I have absolutely adored his product for years. You guys know, you've heard me talk about Dry Farm Wines 1000 times. I've done the experiment with drinking it and staying in ketosis, which is on my YouTube channel, so now I get to chat with the man that made this all happen. So welcome, Todd.
Todd White: Thanks, it's great to be here. I'm looking forward to having a talk today about everything, low carb, keto, fasting, and wine.
Cheryl McColgan: Yeah, I'm super excited. We were chatting a little bit before we actually started recording and I was excited to learn that you are as big a proponent of fasting as I am. But for now, why don't you maybe introduce yourself a little bit, tell people a little bit about your health background, how you came to this lifestyle and wanting to really lower your chemical load in your body, which is part of the way that Dry Farm Wines came to be. So if you can just talk a little bit about your background and how you got to where you are now.

Old School Biohacking
Todd White: Yeah, so my journey started more than 20 years ago. Before biohacking was a term, I was a biohacker, as you were one who was experimenting with dieting. So biohacking is a confusing term, some people don't know what it means. I define it as the art and science of how we structure our behavior to have a positive impact or outcome on our neurological and biological outcome.