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Heal Nourish Grow Podcast

Overcoming Health Issues and Surgery Living a Clean, Low Carb Lifestyle with Gigi Ashworth

November 03, 2021

In this episode, I am sharing the incredible conversation about clean keto that I had with The Salmon Queen, otherwise known as Gigi Ashworth.

Gigi does not hold back with us. From professional snowboarding to getting her master’s degree in nutrition to her abundant social media platforms and YouTube channel, Gigi’s message remains the same. Helping people while entertaining them at the same time is what she truly loves to do. From her early years of disordered eating, autoimmune diseases, surgeries and learning about the ketogenic diet we get a true behind-the-scenes look at who and what Gigi is all about.

Tune in today to learn about “The Gigi Approach” and how The Salmon Queen got her name and book. Learn more about stress, digestion, fitness, her go-to workouts, the difference between dirty keto, lazy keto and clean keto, and why we need to be eating more quality ingredients from the store. All this, and so much more on today’s show!

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Cheryl McColgan:  Welcome. So Gigi, I've read your bio obviously, but can you just share with people in your own words, how you came to this way of eating and some of a little bit of your past? I think you have some really interesting, things that you have done leading up to some health issues that you had, where you had to change the way that you ate.

Gigi Ashworth: Uh, do you have like 15 hours? I don't think people wanna listen that long, but anyway. So when I was around 14 years old, I actually was at a boarding school for snowboarding. I used to competitively snowboard back in the day. Whoa. And now I'm like, oh, don't get me here in the mountains beause it's too cold! Anyways, so when I was doing that, I was exerting a lot of energy, and I started to really focus on how I was feeling and I wasn't feeling good. It's really funny how when you start to do a lot of physical activity, you take note of how your body feels, even at the young age of 14. I thought, there's something off, there's something not right here.
How Gigi Discovered the Keto Diet
I did physical activity before I was on the track team and all that kind of stuff. But I guess I just didn't really care, pay attention or I was like to you into wanting be popular. So when I was in boarding school, I was complaining to my mom about it, who actually has been doing the keto diet for the last 30 years or so. Yeah. She's been doing it for a long time as a doctor and she always wanted to be a nutritionist, but her father was like, no, you're gonna be an OBGYN. So that's what she wound up doing. Anyways, I was complaining to my mom and she sent me book that didn't have a book jacket or anything on it. And she was like, hey, just read this book. And she took notes of things that I should really focus on in the margin...