Growing Up Sucks! Podcast

Growing Up Sucks! Podcast

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Being a college football player on the way to med school – GUS Ep. 19
April 06, 2021

Stone comes from a family of athletes and now plays Div. II football. He's discovered time management is a huge issue for college athletes, particularly if they want to go to med school like he does. But he's also learned how hard it is to be so far fr...

Finally moving out, but your parents don’t want you to. – GUS Ep. 18
March 30, 2021

Tristan wants to move out in a few weeks when he graduates college, but he thinks is parents are not on board with his plan. We discuss a variety of issues, including how he's going to pay his own way. We end up with a strategy for a series of conversa...

How to be a successful college student and college athlete – GUS Ep. 17
March 26, 2021

Some people think college athletes have it easy. In reality, it's quite the opposite. They have it harder. Much more of their time is taken up with practice and games, so they need a tremendous amount of self-discipline and time management skills to su...

Can a passive young woman become a better communicator? – GUS Ep. 16
March 24, 2021

Michelle discovered her "passive" form of communication didn't work for her when she was younger. So she gradually worked on it and now believes she can, most of the time, be assertive. We talk about what that means and I have her take a brief quiz abo...

How do I argue with my significant other? – GUS Ep. 15
March 17, 2021

We've all had arguments with our significant other or close friends. Do we do them well? I discuss this very important topic with Megan and we explore 4 different communication styles and how they impact these tough conversations.

How Should I Study in College? – GUS Ep. 14
March 10, 2021

There isn't just one way to study in college. You should study differently for different types of courses: hard sciences, soft sciences, and humanities. Brooke and I go into some detail and then we discuss the "teach-back" method of studying.

Not Drinking is a Real Option, but there is still Peer Pressure – GUS Ep. 13
March 03, 2021

Is it possible to be someone in their late teens or early twenties and not drink? Yup, but peer pressure is a real thing. Fortunately, things get better over time. Join Heather and I in an honest conversation about not drinking or doing drugs in this d...

(College) Interview with a campus Student Government President – GUS Ep. 12
February 22, 2021

Leadership. Pandemic. Getting involved. Mentoring. Career development. Networking. I discuss it all with Alex, twice elected Student Government Association president at a mid-sized western Pennsylvania university. Great advice for college students!

Romantic Relationships in the Year 2021 – GUS Ep. 11
February 16, 2021

Dating apps. Long-distance relationships. Fighting but staying together. We cover it all on this podcast with my guests Heather and Steve. It's certainly been harder to find someone and to stay with someone during the pandemic,

Depression and Hope for a Brighter Future – GUS Ep. 10
February 10, 2021

Depression is a very serious topic for young adults, especially during this time of global pandemic. Cassidy and I have both experienced depression and talk at length about our differing experiences. We offer hope to everyone out there, because,