Growing Up Sucks! Podcast

Growing Up Sucks! Podcast

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Let’s talk money and all the things you should hear in your twenties – GUS Ep. 26
June 15, 2021

Heather worked for two years and then went to college. It taught her to budget her money carefully and to only spend money that she actually had in her pocket. Importantly, no credit cards. She's now ready to learn the next stages of budgeting and buil...

How do you not overload yourself? How do you stop proving yourself? How do you quit something? – GUS Ep. 25
May 12, 2021

Some people take on too much. And they only notice it when things have already gotten too stressful or deadlines are missed. We discuss noticing your own behavior and watching how you react to things. These are great indicators of how you are doing.

It’s “exceptionalities”, not “disabilities” – and other great things we can learn from an amazing young woman who is helping others every single day – GUS Ep. 24
May 05, 2021

Emily is giving herself to her students before, during, and after class. And she's studying for her Master's. Hopefully a Ph.D. someday, so she can help even more. But her struggles are real and sometimes painful. Among her many medical issues,

Recent college graduates ARE making it in the real world, but it’s challenging – just ask Katie – GUS Ep. 23
April 29, 2021

Katie graduated college right at the start of the pandemic. Recent college graduates ARE making it in the real world. She used college to figure out where her boundaries were for adding things to her plate and she worked on her confidence. Now,

Anxiety about graduating and the future is very high right now. Focus on the controllables – GUS Ep. 22
April 19, 2021

Kyle is worried about his future. Frankly, he's worried about his whole generation's future. Partly because his own future is up in the air. He's changed major. He doesn't know what he wants to do when he graduates.

A young woman comes out as gay to her father – GUS Ep. 21
April 13, 2021

It can be a very scary situation for many young people - to share with their parents that they are gay, bisexual or transgender. One brave woman shares her story. But her story is not typical. Her father, though heterosexual,

Meet a young entrepreneur who’s made it all work out despite some serious early struggles – GUS Ep. 20
April 09, 2021

Seth is a recent college grad who has a full-time job but has also started his own media property called In-Between Media. Now it has a staff, thousands of hits, and lots of content (though it still does a great job with fantasy football).

Being a college football player on the way to med school – GUS Ep. 19
April 06, 2021

Stone comes from a family of athletes and now plays Div. II football. He's discovered time management is a huge issue for college athletes, particularly if they want to go to med school like he does. But he's also learned how hard it is to be so far fr...

Finally moving out, but your parents don’t want you to. – GUS Ep. 18
March 30, 2021

Tristan wants to move out in a few weeks when he graduates college, but he thinks is parents are not on board with his plan. We discuss a variety of issues, including how he's going to pay his own way. We end up with a strategy for a series of conversa...

How to be a successful college student and college athlete – GUS Ep. 17
March 26, 2021

Some people think college athletes have it easy. In reality, it's quite the opposite. They have it harder. Much more of their time is taken up with practice and games, so they need a tremendous amount of self-discipline and time management skills to su...