Growing Older with Gusto

Growing Older with Gusto

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Be Bold and Never Be Old with Rico Caveglia
September 24, 2020

What can I say about a 78 year old man who has the fitness age of 35?  Well, he has a lot to say about how he has been growing older with gusto! - Come listen to Rico Caveglia share with us his 7 Essentials of Life, and how you,

A Conversation With Douglas Ekman
September 15, 2020

Douglas Ekman - What if you could be as vital at age 78 as you are right now? Come listen to Douglas Ekman, a Renaissance Man talk about how he got to be “still in the game” at age 78. He just published an exiting new book called “You Are Old,

Attending a Virtual Funeral during COVID-19
August 31, 2020

This episode is a bit of a turn from our regular interviews with Growing Older with Gusto guests.  Unfortunately, Gail lost her 97.5-year-old Uncle to COVID-19 related complications. In this episode, she shares her experience from attending her first v...

Living Boldly with Amanda Rees
August 26, 2020

Amanda Rees Bold CEO - You can be anything you want in life!  Amanda Rees shows us how in her journey from being a biological and chemical engineering graduate to being a co-founder and CEO of BOLD. BOLD is a venture capital-backed startup geared to r...

Curbing sugar addictions with Theresa Nicole
August 19, 2020

Our most recent guest on the show is Theresa Nicole, RDN, CTNC, NLC aka Miss Nutrition® who has made a career out of a life-changing event in her life. Yes, she is now a registered nutritionist and dietician a path that evolved from taking charge of he...

Lee Mowatt and his Aging Academy wisdom
August 11, 2020

Do you think you will be climbing trees in your 60’s?  Well, our guest on the podcast today not only does that, but does handstands, too!!  This is all after undergoing numerous serious health setbacks. - Lee Mowatt,

Q&A with Dr. Maria Casillas-Abundis on pancreatic transplants
August 04, 2020

Our most recent guest on the show is the fourth person in a collaborative series we are doing with the Lustgarten Foundation, the nation's largest organization to raise research money solely for pancreatic cancer research. - Dr.

Author David Lereah on The Power of Positive Aging
July 27, 2020

David Lereah “Growing Old is not a health sentence it’s a life sentence because it pushes you to live.”        “When you have made it to the of the hill you have earned the right to stay and enjoy the scenery.”

Surviving COVID-19 with Noelle C. Nelson
July 20, 2020

NOELLE C. NELSON Our most recent guest on the show was Noelle Nelson, an engaging speaker who happens to also be an author and a clinical psychologist.  She has recently come out with her latest book on how to successfully navigate the post COVID-19 w...

Michelle Dresbold Handwriting Expert
July 17, 2020

Meet Michelle Dresbold, internationally renowned handwriting expert!   She is the author of Sex, Lies and Handwriting. Dubbed the “Handwriting Doctor” she is an expert in using her skills to help solve a kidnapping, arson, murder, voter embezzlement,