Growing Older with Gusto

Growing Older with Gusto

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Bridging The Generations with Benjamin Surmi
June 03, 2022

Todays guest on the podcast, Benjamin Surmi, is a younger person devoted to helping people grow older with gusto. His background as an activity director, home repair coordinator, & Lifelong Learn

Adapt or Disappear with John Manhold
May 14, 2022

Adapt or disappear is the mantra of our guest, John Manhold. John is an amazing Renaissance man who at age 102 just finished writing his latest book. His many interests and his ability to keep transf

Money Makes The World Go Round!
March 21, 2022

Today we launched a new season and our first guest is financial wizard, Sarry Ibrahim, who is going to tell us how we can grow older not only with gusto but how to grow our money with gusto! Here a

Better tune-up your driving OR ELSE! – Henry Ramirez
May 13, 2021 Our first episode in May for Growing Older With Gusto has us exploring the ways we can continue to drive as we grow older without being a hazard on the road. Our guest, Henry Rameriz, of Oakland,

How one epidemiologist found himself being held at bayonet point!
April 28, 2021

Dr. Michael Kogan Our most recent guest on the Show is Dr. Michael Kogan, an epidemiologist with the US Health & Human Services Department. He is extremely involved with helping children, and currently directs the child heath epidemiology office ...

Moving from continent to continent and still Growing Older with Gusto with author Julie Sursok
April 07, 2021

Put in those earbuds and listen to our latest guest, Julie Sursok, who comes to us from Sydney, Australia. Julie is a great example of someone who exemplifies growing older with gusto by walking

Tips for Avoiding Online Dating Scammers with Ardee Krause
March 28, 2021

Ardee Krause Todays episode deals with a topic that many people who are growing older with gusto are encountering online dating. Widows, divorcees, and never married women are flocking to onl

What happens when you interview 40 people over 90!
March 20, 2021

This shows episode is with Sky Bergman, an award-winning photographer who is getting ready to take her talents to new heights! Skys documentary called, Lives Well Lived: Celebrating the Secrets, Wit

Learn How To Get Unstuck! with Lucia Knight
February 26, 2021

Todays episode explores the method for finding oneself & re-inventing ones life at mid-life and beyond. Our guest, Lucia Knight comes to us from the UK where she started a business called MidLife Un