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#183 How to Ensure a Successful ERP Implementation with Stephen Campbell, Chief Solutions Officer at Macrofin

May 14, 2024

Stephen Campbell, founder and chief solution architect at MacroFin, joins Kevin Appleby to discuss best practices for ERP implementation success. They share their experiences transitioning from accounting to technology consulting and implementation. Key topics covered include:

  • Common challenges clients face when outgrowing systems like Xero and the decision process for selecting a new ERP
  • Best practices for vendor selection and simplifying often lengthy and complex RFP processes
  • Tips for effective project scoping and limiting implementation risks through shorter 90-day phases
  • Emphasis on user training and testing to ensure knowledge transfer and benefits realization
  • Advice on identifying super users and continual process improvement post go-live
  • Perspectives on technology hype vs reality and potential for streamlining accounting through automation
  • High failure rates of ERP projects and how to avoid pitfalls through proper preparation and change management

Stephen will present on delivering impactful finance transformations at the upcoming GrowCFO Global Finance Summit on May 16th.



Introducing Stephen Campbell and MacroFin (0:11)

ERP implementation best practices and process reviews. (5:08)

Choosing an ERP system for growing businesses, focusing on NetSuite and Xero. (9:18)

The importance of simplifying the RFP process (13:24)

Implementing NetSuite ERP system with a focus on knowledge transfer and testing. (17:56)

Streamlining accounting processes with technology. (23:06)

ERP implementation challenges and best practices. (27:35)

Implementing NetSuite ERP system with a focus on process improvement and vendor selection. (31:35)

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