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Ep18: Letting Go Of What Doesn't Serve You
September 10, 2019

(Trigger Warnings: trauma, privilege, racism, homophobia, toxic family, toxic situations, codependency, drug addiction, abuse, suicide, sexual abuse, school shootings) Join us in a conversation surrounding how to let go of things that no longer serve you

Ep17: Masturbation: Ending The Stigma
September 03, 2019

(Trigger Warnings: trauma, sexual trauma, genitalia language, binary language, porn, masturbation, sex toys, addiction, sex addictions, vasectomies, circumcision, rape. BDSM, submission, domination, toxic relationships, trouble orgasming) Join us in a co

Ep16: Many Loves: Ethical Non Monogamy
August 27, 2019

(Trigger Warnings: cheating, divorce, toxic monogamy, abuse, controlling behavior, trauma, manipulation) Join us in a conversation surrounding polyamory and ethical non monogamy (ENM). We define polyamory, ENM, and monogamy/toxic monogamy, share Amanda &

Ep15: Numerology, Metaphysics, & Personal Insight
August 23, 2019

(Trigger Warnings: Divorce, Body Image) Join us in a conversation surrounding numerology, metaphysics, and numbers! Hanna brings their experience with numerology, explains how they found it, and briefly covers its history and basic information. Then Han

Ep14: Hope This Doesn't Offend You
August 14, 2019

(Trigger Warnings: Literally all of them that you can mostly ever think of.) Join us in a conversation surrounding being offended, PC culture, defensive reactions, and how to bridge the gaps. We get frustrated, mad, laugh uncomfortably, and more! Hold o

Ep13: Family Is A Feeling
August 07, 2019

(Trigger Warnings: Infertility, Adoption, Divorce, Family, Donor Conception) Join us in a conversation surrounding donor conception, chosen family, and unconventional families. We share an amazing story of two sisters (and you'll see there's more) who fo

Ep12: Capitalism: You Are Not Consumable
August 02, 2019

(Trigger Warnings: Poverty, Capitalism, Welfare, Shame from using Government Services (p.s. not from us)) Join us in a honest and difficult conversation surrounding capitalism, commodifying of bodies and not being paid enough, living paycheck to paycheck

Ep11: Pleasure vs. Orgasm: Lets Talk Sex
July 31, 2019

(Trigger Warnings: Rape, Rape Culture, Trauma, Homophobia, Transphobia) Join us in a conversation surrounding all of the things sex (well most things just for now). We chat toxic sexual scripts, sex post trauma, sex through transition with testosterone,

Ep10: All You Need To Know About Lube
July 23, 2019

Join us in a conversation around lubricant! The importance, different types of lubricant, and more!!

Ep9: The Queer History Lesson We Always Needed
July 19, 2019

(Trigger Warnings: Racism, Police Brutality, Sex Work, Homophobia, Transphobia) Join us in a queer history lesson with Dr. Jeff, a queer historian! We cover why queer history is bigger than just the Stonewall Inn Riots, the importance of queer history in