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December 10, 2019

We catch you up on our lives because it has been awhile since we've check in, and.... dun dun dun.... WE ANNOUNCE SOMETHING F*CKIN HUGE!!!!!!!!! This one you literally cannot miss!!! (Trigger Warnings: Mention of suicide)

Ep27: "Don't You Think You've Had Enough?"
November 27, 2019

Join us in a conversation around diet culture & the holidays. We cover topics like how Thanksgiving is based on f*cked up things, disordered eating, surviving the holidays and the toxic comments, how personal relationships to food are, alternative ways t

Ep26: Raised In A Religious Cult
November 19, 2019

(Trigger Warnings: religion, cult, christianity, god, brainwashing, guilt, fear, sexism, anger, manipulation, fatphobia, mention of cross dressing, spanking, child abuse, homophobia, suicide, overdose, teacher/kid relationships, divorce, racism, slurs (te

Ep25: BDSM: Dom/Sub/Switch
November 05, 2019

(Trigger Warnings: bdsm, kink, knife play, blood play, trauma, sexual trauma, gunshot wounds, bondage, choking, daddy, mention of: pedophilia, infantile, restraints, regression) Come join us in a fun and informational conversation around BDSM with a foc

Ep24: Spooky Stories Part ll (Listener Submissions!)
October 29, 2019

(Trigger Warnings: horror, monsters, ghosts, demons, haunted houses, colonialism, violence, aliens, abduction, road rage, sleep paralysis) Join us in our spooky stories part two!!! We share stories submitted by listeners, family, and friends! We also sh

Ep23: Tapping into the Spirit World
October 22, 2019

(Trigger Warnings: demons, religion, spirituality, trauma, past life regression, anxiety, and nightmares) We interview the lovely Nicoya who is a medium, tarot and oracle reader, and spiritualist. We dive into topics like how to meet your spirit guides,

Ep22: Spooky Stories, Part I
October 16, 2019

(Trigger Warnings: suicide, suicide by gun, guns, Ouija boards, murder, anxiety, demons, ghosts, possession, sleep paralysis, slavery, prisons) Join us in our first ever spooky stories episode! We share scary stories for the spooky month of October (beca

Ep21: Platonic/Familial Toxic Relationships
October 09, 2019

(Trigger Warnings: Narcissism, toxic relationships, homophobia, gas-lighting, transphobia, sexual harassment, physical abuse, alcoholism, suicide, mental illness, rape, sexual assault, fatphobia, abortion, miscarriage, rehab, capitalism) Join us in a co

Ep20: Life's Journey With Herpes
September 24, 2019

(Trigger Warnings: STIs, STDs, childbirth, pregnancy, rape, sexual assault, HSV1/2, medical discrimination, herpes, staff infections, MRSA, chlamydia, sex, transphobia, trauma) Join us in a conversation surrounding STIs and herpes (HSV1/2). Our guests sh

Ep19: Shame + Guilt
September 17, 2019

(Trigger Warnings: rape, sexual abuse, food shame, self harm, abortion, kink shame, choking, BDSM, labor, sex shame, religion, porn addiction, transphobia, unprotected sex, homophobia, abusive relationships, elitism) Join us in a vulnerable conversation