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Grey Awakenings

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Ep22: Spooky Stories, Part I
October 16, 2019

(Trigger Warnings: suicide, suicide by gun, guns, Ouija boards, murder, anxiety, demons, ghosts, possession, sleep paralysis, slavery, prisons) Join us in our first ever spooky stories episode! We share scary stories for the spooky month of October (beca

Ep21: Platonic/Familial Toxic Relationships
October 09, 2019

(Trigger Warnings: Narcissism, toxic relationships, homophobia, gas-lighting, transphobia, sexual harassment, physical abuse, alcoholism, suicide, mental illness, rape, sexual assault, fatphobia, abortion, miscarriage, rehab, capitalism) Join us in a co

Ep20: Life's Journey With Herpes
September 24, 2019

(Trigger Warnings: STIs, STDs, childbirth, pregnancy, rape, sexual assault, HSV1/2, medical discrimination, herpes, staff infections, MRSA, chlamydia, sex, transphobia, trauma) Join us in a conversation surrounding STIs and herpes (HSV1/2). Our guests sh

Ep19: Shame + Guilt
September 17, 2019

(Trigger Warnings: rape, sexual abuse, food shame, self harm, abortion, kink shame, choking, BDSM, labor, sex shame, religion, porn addiction, transphobia, unprotected sex, homophobia, abusive relationships, elitism) Join us in a vulnerable conversation

Ep18: Letting Go Of What Doesn't Serve You
September 10, 2019

(Trigger Warnings: trauma, privilege, racism, homophobia, toxic family, toxic situations, codependency, drug addiction, abuse, suicide, sexual abuse, school shootings) Join us in a conversation surrounding how to let go of things that no longer serve you

Ep17: Masturbation: Ending The Stigma
September 03, 2019

(Trigger Warnings: trauma, sexual trauma, genitalia language, binary language, porn, masturbation, sex toys, addiction, sex addictions, vasectomies, circumcision, rape. BDSM, submission, domination, toxic relationships, trouble orgasming) Join us in a co

Ep16: Many Loves: Ethical Non Monogamy
August 27, 2019

(Trigger Warnings: cheating, divorce, toxic monogamy, abuse, controlling behavior, trauma, manipulation) Join us in a conversation surrounding polyamory and ethical non monogamy (ENM). We define polyamory, ENM, and monogamy/toxic monogamy, share Amanda &

Ep15: Numerology, Metaphysics, & Personal Insight
August 23, 2019

(Trigger Warnings: Divorce, Body Image) Join us in a conversation surrounding numerology, metaphysics, and numbers! Hanna brings their experience with numerology, explains how they found it, and briefly covers its history and basic information. Then Han

Ep14: Hope This Doesn't Offend You
August 14, 2019

(Trigger Warnings: Literally all of them that you can mostly ever think of.) Join us in a conversation surrounding being offended, PC culture, defensive reactions, and how to bridge the gaps. We get frustrated, mad, laugh uncomfortably, and more! Hold o

Ep13: Family Is A Feeling
August 07, 2019

(Trigger Warnings: Infertility, Adoption, Divorce, Family, Donor Conception) Join us in a conversation surrounding donor conception, chosen family, and unconventional families. We share an amazing story of two sisters (and you'll see there's more) who fo