The Great Shalom Podcast

The Great Shalom Podcast

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Be Part of the Great Rescue
May 30, 2020

We covered several great rescues that God did on Passover this year. Following our mission of healing and equipping children, or parents and teachers for the well-being of children, we talk about a central issue of the safety of children from sexual pr...

The Pattern of Salvation
May 21, 2020

We are living in momentous times. We can't catch a slow newsday. Do you think there is just too much discussion on Facebook? Chuckle. We have been rescued from things we did not know we needed rescue from. The virus was meant to be deadly,

Rescue of Children – Sex Abuse Rings Busted
May 14, 2020

In our series of the great rescues that God did over this Passover season, we are going to cover a rescue of children from sexual abuse rings. We will not talk about the horrible details. I heard this from a ministry I trust.

Great Rescues that Happened this Passover
May 07, 2020

In a series about the great pattern of Passover and the great rescues that we saw this season. Make use of this understanding now. Prepare for Pentecost. Then take the "promised land." This means you, your children, your vocation/sphere of influence,

The Great Rescue
April 30, 2020

Did you notice that God made a great rescue for us this Passover season? Please notice this and consider it during the time between Passover and Pentecost. It is one thing to be rescued. Another thing to take and keep the land.

Call to Parents 2
April 23, 2020

This is second in a series. The full series may be purchased. Please use this last week of confinement to rest. Much work will be yours next.

Call to Arms to Parents 1
April 18, 2020

I preached a series from 2 Timothy about children and youth in modern times. Folks, this is a word from the Lord! It is straight out of the Bible. It was illuminated to me for you. Don't be so tired of "calls to arms." Don't be so lazy.

Practical Tips for Stay at Home Time
April 01, 2020

Some great news. Some analysis. A few ideas for staying at home with children. - I've been specifically informed/asked to talk about ibuprofen for Covid-19. (Well, actually was I informed like this was vital news that we would need unless we were all...

Fear versus Faith in a Time of Crisis
March 25, 2020

LOL I thought I had run enough episodes on healing and made enough remarks on covid-19, but apparently not. People are just now getting really worried. First, unconcern; then panic. Folks? Well, it is a good time to go back to the fundamentals of fait...

Words on Pandemic, How to Breathe Better
March 19, 2020

Finally, final words on the Wuhan Coronavirus, covid-19! Otherwise, some words on better breathing that really work for any time. Maybe of interest to mothers right now. Be safe. Turn your hearts to God. Be reasonable. Love and blessings.