The Great Shalom Podcast : Overcoming Learning Disabilities

The Great Shalom Podcast :  Overcoming Learning Disabilities

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May 13, 2021

Well, I know Mothers' Day has passed, but I felt moved to give you a blessing. It is from Psalm 112. God is interesting in blessing you. And your children. And your grandchildren. Did you know it? So here is your Mothers' Day Blessing. Just listen.

What IF the DoomsDay Scenario is True? Got Reasonable Answers.
May 06, 2021

You have heard it. The doctors are grappling with what is going on with the "v***ne." The news is very very serious. What if the doomsday scenario is true? What if a massive die-off is exactly what was intended? As a mother and grandmother,

Join Homeschooling Tripling
April 29, 2021

Homeschooling has tripled in the US. It is an increasing movement. Some join because of the chaos of the "pandemic." Some join because of the curricula that is increasingly anti-academic. Traditionally, the majority joined because they felt the school...

Success and Victory for Your Children
April 22, 2021

Rounding out a 3 part series on how to obtain success and victory for your children. We all talk a little about how this 'cast can help you. It worked for us. We were commanded to share. It will work for you.

Dr. Pat Sekel Explains Dyslexia
April 08, 2021

Dr. Pat Sekel, our local expert on dyslexia, explains what dyslexia really is. There has been so much misunderstanding, amateur explanation, and pre-scientific explanation hanging around, that very few people have an accurate grasp of what is going on....

Blessed Resurrection Day
March 31, 2021

A blessed resurrection day! Welcome to all my Lioness listeners. I welcome listeners from around the world. You are all my lioness listeners -- meaning, mothers who work ferociously for the well=-being of their children.

Praying for Kids Success
March 25, 2021

Today, we are praying for our children's success. Success comes in many shapes and sizes; it is not all about money, of course. We all want our children to have a good life, to be happy, to do well enough in school -- and most of all to succeed int he ...

Sensory Integration with Nikki Branch, OT
March 18, 2021

We are hearing a lot about sensory integration problems and the discipline that is handling sensory integration problems most is Occupational Therapy. It may seem strange to have children going to occupational therapy,

Praying for Kids in Trouble
March 16, 2021

Finally! fulfilling what I said, that we would intersperse practical with spiritual, today we pray for kids in trouble. We also relay something about the Lord and his loving parent's heart. This comes from Jesus' parable that is often called "The Prodi...

Dr. Swank Overcomes Dyslexia, Learning Disabilities with Individualized Approach
March 04, 2021

Dr. Linda Swank argues for the individual approach in overcoming dyslexia and other learning disabilities. Back in 2009, Dr. Swank of the Swank Enrichment Center in Austin on Bee Caves Road shares with us how they help children with academic problems,...