The Great Shalom Podcast : Overcoming Learning Disabilities

The Great Shalom Podcast :  Overcoming Learning Disabilities

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Overcoming Nursing Problems with a Recipe for Baby Formula
May 12, 2022

Young Mom Finds Victory Over Nursing Challenge who wants the dilemma of not being able to breastfeed but not wanting to feed  your baby commercial formula. Have you seen the ingredient list? "Breast i

Baby Formula Shortage Crisis – The Reporting & The Conversation
May 12, 2022

Introducing the topic to introduce the interview: Baby Formula Just today, I am seeing headlines about a baby formula shortage crisis. I am herein just passing along the reporting and the conversation

Marcus Young on Gardening with Children
May 12, 2022

Marcus Young, owner of Bloomers, in Elgin came to talk with us about  Gardening with Children. This was back in 2008. Great memories. We were in the studio of the Christian teaching and talk channel i

Gardening as Home Education
May 12, 2022

Gardening as home education, health and now safety. - Prepping is trending. Are we entering a famdemic? Who knows? But be prepared! - Here are some quick ideas to help you garden in whatever situation

Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled — Blessed Passover/Resurrection Sunday
April 15, 2022

Wow, can we get a slow news day? What a turmoil! Jesus knew. Jesus told us. And His words prevail: "Let not your heart be troubled. Believe in God. Believe also in me." - This year the celebrations of

Homeschool Legal Questions
March 17, 2022

Many parents new to homeschooling have questions about the legality of homeschooling. The answers about legal requirements do depend upon which state or country you are in. The place to get the best,

Homeschooling Triples — Encouragement to Be Part of the Movement
March 11, 2022

By very conservative estimates, homeschooling has tripled. Why do you suppose? - Whatever the reasons, there are good academic reasons. Even after the covid theater has shut down, there are safety rea

History and Questions on the Vxx History and Questions on the Vxx
March 03, 2022

I am still hearing that there are questions about the injections. This is such an important decision, and I am so surprised that still, at this late date there is confusion. the health of your child i

Welcome Back Update
February 24, 2022

Today, "welcome back" has a new meaning. We overcame our technical problem. You should now be receiving your podcast through your normal method. Because we had this glitch many of you missed the last

Homeschooling? Yes, You Can Teach Reading. Yes, You Can figure Out What Your Child Needs. Here is Help.
February 01, 2022

New to Homeschooling? Then, I can guess your top 3 questions. Here are the answers:  Yes, most can homeschool.  But can I get my little one over the hump of reading and writing?  Yes, you Can Teaching