Episode 101: The Toxic Community EA and Madden Cultivated

August 29, 2018

We planned a history lesson for Gratcast101, but we felt it was more important to talk about what happened to the Madden community on Sunday.

While many people were probably surprised by what happened Sunday, John and Kris are not among them. As members of the Madden community and admins in an online league for the past 5 years, this one hits close to home and its far from a surprise. Kris declares an end to the gun debate with some simple basic logic and truth.  Speaking of logic, DocLogical posted in the Madden community an eye-openingly honest response to what happened and how we need to look no further than the community EA cultivated to see how we got here. Kris makes the case with the money and fame on the line, if EA had to abide by the same gaming regulations as Vegas they would have been shutdown and inundated with class action lawsuits before the sun rose.

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* Intro [00:00 – 10:43]* Fuck the gun debate [10:44 – 11:30)* EA is Culpable [14:26 – 14:49]* Eye-opening Reddit Madden Post [15:45 – * Tone Def EA Execs [24:35 – 25:07]* Prophetic Tweet [26:51 – 28:06]

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