GPS Training Podcast

GPS Training Podcast

GPS Training Podcast – number 93

February 01, 2024

TwoNav, a breath of fresh air and what is going on at Bullitt, the creators of the Motorola Defy – Satellite link

1. TwoNav – a breath of fresh air – 2:00 minutes in

2. What has been going on at Bullitt, the creator of the Motorola Defy – satellite link? – 33:45 minutes in

3. Andy’s top tips – 46:51 minutes in

1. TwoNav – a breath of fresh air

Backstory – TwoNav has been on our radar for several years.

6 or 7 years? OS teamed up with TwoNav to create a OS branded GPS unit.

We bought one at that stage and within 2 weeks it was on eBay, why?

This partnership did not work as OS do not have the expertise to build and grow this type of technology in the UK.

So late last year TwoNav kept coming up in conversation so

Just before Christmas, we bought 1 x of each of their models and that was our Christmas holiday sorted as we started to get to grips and understand this new manufacturer –

TwoNav are based in Spain

Very keen to listen to feedback and build on what they have

We ended up stocking x 3 models –

Map options available –

  • Pre-loaded European maps
  • 1:50k
  • 1:25k
  • 1:25k, 1:50k and 1:250k on Aventurer 2 plus

Summary –

  • SatMap on steroids – clarity of screen
  • Wireless transfer from phone/ tablet
  • Easy to use, intuitive
  • Made by someone who believes and is passionate about their product

To find out more please go to our website – > GPS Store > Handheld GPS units

OR – > Reviews > TwoNav – a breath of fresh air


2. Bullitt – maker of Motorolla Defy – Satellite link

Thursday – buy out was in place by their largest invester

Friday – they pulled out on Friday and sadly Bullitt Group ceased trading and was handed to Lloyds as the receivers

Article – The Verge – Key manufacturer closes down

Motorola are the ‘brand’ behind Bullitt, to date no news of what they are wanting to do with regard to Bullitt going forward.

The founders of Bullitt have personally put money in place so subscribers can continue with their current service for at least the next month.

Bullitt are going to email customers to update them on what is going to happen, but to date nothing sent which has to be good news.

Good luck for the future of all the staff at Bullitt, the team here at GPS Training are thinking of you and your families

3. Top Tips – on using an outdoor GOPS unit/ watch

TwoNav – Backlight 50% rather than Auto – Main Menu – Settings – System – Display & Brightness – Auto Brightness off – slide bar 50%

Shutdown screen we have 30 seconds can change never and use single tap power button to take screen on & off

Garmin Epix – Fenix 7 – Disable Lap button easier when using device with touch screen on and on map page to come back out

Top right Button select Activity – Middle left button Hike Settings etc – scroll down – Lap key off