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Good People Talk

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Responding to the Pandemic: A View from the Top
May 10, 2020

We speak with Good People Fund Executive Director Naomi Eisenberger about the impact of the pandemic on GPF and its community of grantees, and how GPF is responding with new initiatives to help those on the frontlines,

In Israel, Empowering Teenage Girls At-Risk
April 30, 2020

Were at Kaima Nahalal, an organic farm in Israel where teenage girls who have dropped out of school or are otherwise at risk gain confidence by learning, working, and creating. Merav Carmi descri

Supporting Israeli Kids Living with Cancer in the Family
February 24, 2020

Were in Tel Aviv speaking with Pamela Becker, Co-Founder of Jeremys Circle, a Good People Fund grantee serving Israeli kids with cancer in their families by creating opportunities for them to have f

Responding to Natural Disasters in Puerto Rico
January 26, 2020

The Good People Fund is helping residents of Puerto Rico recover from recent waves of crippling earthquakes and the resulting destruction and displacement. Were talking with Erika Vlez, Founder of P

Empowering Refugees and Others Through Culinary Arts
December 16, 2019

We’re at Emma’s Torch restaurant in Brooklyn, where refugees, asylees, and survivors of human trafficking learn culinary arts so they can find futures of economic security and community. We speak with Kerry Brodie,

Getting Sports Equipment to Every Kid
November 19, 2019

Into our studio comes Max Levitt, Founder/CEO of Leveling the Playing Field, a Good People Fund grantee rescuing used sports equipment so that youth in underprivileged communities can fully participate in sports programs.

Facing Down Life Challenges Through Wrestling
October 30, 2019

We’re visiting José Valenzuela, Founder of Boston Youth Wrestling – a Good People Fund grantee organization – about how his experience with the sport as a youth fueled his passion to bring it to those in under-resourced communities in and around Boston...

Rescuing Enslaved Children in Ghana
September 23, 2019

We’re at Metuchen High School in New Jersey, where students are working to end child slavery in Ghana under the leadership of their social studies teacher, Evan Robbins, Founder/CEO of Breaking the Chain Through Education,

Taking Tzedakah to the Southern Border
September 19, 2019

The Good People Fund is sending essentials to migrant individuals and families detained in indescribable conditions along the US southern border. GPF Executive Director Naomi Eisenberger speaks with human aid partners about the Jewish imperative to act...

Providing for Those Living Along Life’s Edge
July 24, 2019

We talk with Fran Held, Founder of Mitzvah Circle Foundation, a Pennsylvania non-profit organization and Good People Fund grantee that provides donated and purchased goods like clothing, children’s books, toiletries,