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Good People Talk

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The Good People Fund (un)conference: Artist, Activist and Educator Jon Adam Ross on the Power of our Stories
September 18, 2023

As The Good People Fund (un)conference approaches, our guest is featured speaker Jon Adam Ross a New York-based artist, activist and educator, and co-founding artist and Executive Director of the In

Music as Medicine
August 28, 2023

After Irwin Rosenstein (zl) was diagnosed with Parkinsons disease and later dementia, his wife Carol discovered that music making eased his condition and uplifted his spirits. So the two founded Mus

The Good People Fund (un)conference: A Conversation with Keynote Speaker Rabbi Joel Mosbacher
July 24, 2023

As The Good People Funds (un)conference approaches in November, our guest is Rabbi Joel Mosbacher of Temple Shaaray Tefila in NYC, host of the two-day event. Rabbi Mosbacher who will be a keynote s

In Israel, Preserving Dignity and Autonomy for the Vulnerable
June 28, 2023

MARVA a Good People Fund grantee was founded in 2015 by Israeli attorneys and social welfare experts who wanted to assist and empower Israelis facing difficulties caring for their personal welfare

In Israel, Combating Food Waste and Elevating Food Justice
May 30, 2023

EAT formerly known as Pesias Kitchen is an Israeli non profit and Good People Fund grantee combating food waste while elevating food justice for under-resourced populations and communities. EAT

Practicing English … and Finding Hope and Friendships
April 13, 2023

In underserved communities in Israel, English proficiency can mean the difference between economic and social success, and stagnation. English BYachad English Together is a Good People Fund grant

Uplifting Bedouin Children and Families in Israel
March 26, 2023

In Israels Negev, the Bedouin community is mired in a generational cycle of economic and educational stagnation. Al Baqour a Good People Fund grantee is using innovative approaches to early child

After a Tragic Loss, Fighting the Fentanyl Epidemic
February 27, 2023

Eli Weinstock was a college student in 2021, when he died from unintentional exposure to Fentanyl. Dr. Beth Weinstock, Elis mother, and Olivia Weinstock, his sister, began BirdieLight a Good People

Guiding Families Through Pediatric Cancer
January 30, 2023

As founder of MyChildsCancer a GPF grantee Oded Grinstein gives parents of children with cancer the medical knowledge and social support they need to be strong advocates for effective treatments

Supporting Survivors of Sexual Abuse
December 24, 2022

In Israel, Shana Aaronson is the CEO of Magen for Jewish Communities, a GPF grantee organization addressing sexual abuse and exploitation in the Orthodox Jewish community. Under her leadership, the or