Good Morning Antioch

Good Morning Antioch

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Ep 3.12 Libera Te Tutemet
April 05, 2021

Finally, after much rescheduling and committee meetings, the Shipwide Ovarium Baby Shower is here! Cafanex Cooler and Celebratory Cake Cubes all around! But when a virtual performance by the Engineering Pipe and Jug Band sets off a deadly chain reaction,

Ep 3.11 Grace Period
March 22, 2021

Captain Reaser's stasis pod is still missing, and the unexplained deaths are piling up. The New Security Team has implemented a strict new curfew enforced by mandatory Destination Devices that will deliver non-fatal but incapacitating shocks to anyone not

Ep 3.10 Mirror Mirror
March 08, 2021

The troubles aboard the Antioch are piling up... literally! With the influx of packages from No-Fo Prime the sanitation department can't keep up with the disposal of excess packing materials.  Lost in the chaos, Captain Reaser's stasis pod may have b

Ep 3.09 Libera Te Me
February 22, 2021

Security concerns continue to arise aboard the Antioch, as a rash of incidents sweep the ship. Good thing the Home Office just happened to dispatch a new security team, which is super convenient and not at all suspicious.  Transcribed for the Deaf a

Ep 3.08 Rampart Red
February 08, 2021

With staffing numbers in dire straits, Portal crash Deliveries wrecking the ship, and a new crop of Babies incubating, stress aboard the Antioch is at an all-time high! Luckily there is all new Cafanex Bold in Delicious Rampart Red to get them through! T

Ep 3.07 Stasis and Change
January 25, 2021

With staffing numbers in dire straits, Houmon Resources authorizes the reimplementation of the Mandatory Breeding Program and MeLia0743 is visited by a ghost from the Past. Episode 3.07 Mandatory Guided Meditation: Gratitude Transcribed for the Deaf and

Season 2 Supercut
January 11, 2021

Experience the complete Second Season as our crew jumps out of the frying pan and into the fires of freelance in this Season 2 Supercut You can watch Season 2's live-action segments on  Good Morning Antioch's Youtube channel

Season 1 Supercut
December 28, 2020

Experience the complete first season's wild ride through corporate dystopia in this supercut of Season 1.   Excluded from this cut is episode 6 the Thanksgiving Thank You Behind the Scenes Special.  You can watch that on Good Morning Antioch's

Ep 3.06 That Crushing Feeling
December 14, 2020

The Media Liaison Cyborg MeLia0743 discovers the Antioch's new Employment Opportunity may not be as Amazing as they all thought.  With growing mountains of debt, many of the crew have resorted to unconventional ways of making ends meet.   Tran

Good Morning Antioch Trailer
December 09, 2020

The Official trailer for Good Morning Antioch, a POC produced Dystopian Sci-Fi Office Comedy. Dropping Episodes every other Monday. Follow the Media Liaison Cyborg MeLia0743 as she keeps the crew of the mining ship Antioch up to date on all Communit