Good Morning Antioch

Good Morning Antioch

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Ep. 4.08 A Tale of Two Brothers
May 30, 2022

CFO Thurston Solomon Banner the 5th is still on board, but they are closing in on the Home Office. The Crew prepares for their formal inspection at HQ. And Dr. Pazuzu Overlord of Darkness and Eater of Worlds tells Thurston and the crew a popular children'

Ep. 4.07 The Calls are Coming From Inside
May 16, 2022

It's been 14 days since CFO Thurston Solomon Banner the 5th and his envoy boarded the Antioch. Prank calls, incessant demands, and unreasonable requests around the clock!  They thought having a 13-year-old boss was the worst, but his 7-year-old littl

Ep. 4.06 Couched Concerns
May 02, 2022

A Pre-inspection Envoy for The Bannerflex Corporation has boarded. The CFO Thurston Solomon Banner the 5th (younger brother to our esteemed CEO Solomon Thurston Banner the 14th) conducts a general review and assessment of the new Bannerflex systems, B-Fle

Ep. 4.05 Tight Inflexible Box
April 18, 2022

Roving Work Depository Boxes, Personality Type Boxes, Leadership Mentorship Application Boxes, Company Satisfaction Surveys!  The Crew of this Antioch is busy Filling boxes, Fitting in boxes, and Checking Inboxes!  Fun Video Episodes are transcr

Ep. 4.04 Little Boxes
February 28, 2022

Your Opinion Matters to Us! Home Office is installing an easy way to report back! The blue-gray boxes will be for praise and recognition of your fellow co-workers for a job well done!  The grey-blue boxes will be for reporting any incidents of corpor

Ep. 4.03 Leadership, Loyalty, Lacerations
February 14, 2022

The New Free-work style of office space optimization is not as OPTIMAL as MeLia hoped it would be. When the Broadcast Bay is taken over by a Leadership Brainstorming Session, she is forced to give the morning announcements patched into the broadcast array

Ep. 4.02 Optimized Social Calendars
January 31, 2022

New Social Groups, Exercise Classes, G-spotter Trainings, Mandatory Journaling, and Weekly Dance Party Team Building!  The Crew of the Antioch sure are busy! Episodes are transcribed for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing on Youtube. Visit us on htt

Ep. 4.01 Be Flexible, Be Fulfilled
January 17, 2022

Welcome Back home to Bannerflex!  In the season 4 opener, MeLia0743 walks the crew of the Antioch through the process of re-onboarding with the Bannerflex Mining Corporation.  But CEO Solomon Thurston Banner XIII has been busy!  The 13-year

Season 3 Supercut
June 21, 2021

Experience the complete Third Season as our crew navigates their way out of the perilous Freelance Fields, back to the gentle cupping of Corporate Oversight. You can watch Season 3's fully transcribed companion videos on Good Morning Antioch's Youtube c

Ep 3.13 Ex Inferis
April 19, 2021

In the Exciting Season 3 Finale, MeLia0743 is trapped in the Broadcast Bay protecting the next generation of Antioch crew members... in egg-form of course.  The current crew is knocked out by the Security Team's Gas Attack, the Hallways are overrun b