Good Morning Antioch

Good Morning Antioch

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Ep 3.07 Stasis and Change
January 25, 2021

With staffing numbers in dire straits, Houmon Resources authorizes the reimplementation of the Mandatory Breeding Program and MeLia0743 is visited by a ghost from the Past. Transcribed for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing on Youtube. Visit us on https://ww

Season 2 Supercut
January 11, 2021

Experience the complete Second Season as our crew jumps out of the frying pan and into the fires of freelance in this Season 2 Supercut You can watch Season 2's live-action segments on  Good Morning Antioch's Youtube channel

Season 1 Supercut
December 28, 2020

Experience the complete first season's wild ride through corporate dystopia in this supercut of Season 1.   Excluded from this cut is episode 6 the Thanksgiving Thank You Behind the Scenes Special.  You can watch that on Good Morning Antioch's

Ep 3.06 That Crushing Feeling
December 14, 2020

The Media Liaison Cyborg MeLia0743 discovers the Antioch's new Employment Opportunity may not be as Amazing as they all thought.  With growing mountains of debt, many of the crew have resorted to unconventional ways of making ends meet.   Tran

Good Morning Antioch Trailer
December 09, 2020

The Official trailer for Good Morning Antioch, a POC produced Dystopian Sci-Fi Office Comedy. Dropping Episodes every other Monday. Follow the Media Liaison Cyborg MeLia0743 as she keeps the crew of the mining ship Antioch up to date on all Communit

Ep 3.05 The No-Fo Holiday Catalogue!
November 30, 2020

Antioch repairs are almost done and the crew prepares for their first assignment as official No-Fo Galactic Raw Materials Acquisition Specialists! Transcribed for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing on Youtube. Visit us on for

Ep 3.04 Untethered
November 16, 2020

The election finally over, the crew of the Antioch has chosen Perms Minglesnuffs and NO-FO Galactic as their new corporate overlord/governing body! Being that NO-FO Galactic is the only supercompany that hasn't tried to kill them, it seemed prudent. 

Ep 3.03 Two Minus One
November 02, 2020

The harsh realities of freelance independent contracting have not been kind to the crew of the Antioch. Despotic fracturing of the crew, severe supply shortages combined with the biological Replacemacant threat, and the Antioch is on its last legs.  

Ep 3.02 The Pod C Blues
October 19, 2020

The rascals from Pod C are up to their usual shenanigans! Staying up all night in the one working virtual reality bay, they now have to risk life and limb to cross the ship in time for the first shift.  In the chaos of the past few months, all depart

Ep 3.01 The Replacemacants
October 05, 2020

After an Extended Hiatus Good Morning Antioch is finally back on a bi-weekly schedule! Flying Blind for several months working as independent contractors, the Antioch is rapidly falling apart. The Deadly gas leaks have corrupted a bio-preservation cloning