Ghosts on a Train

Ghosts on a Train

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Ep. 32 - A Grudge Settled
July 29, 2021

As the Pride of Duskwall travels across the Void Sea with a burden that may lead to disaster, they cannot expect to venture unmolested over the water once again. On their last trip, the disturbed bones of an ancient spirit gave rise to a powerful foe that

Ep. 31 - A Drawn Out Departure
July 15, 2021

The Pride of Duskwall prepares to once again embark across the Void Sea, this time to head towards Drix's homeland of Severos. But before the train can take on passengers, various members of the crew must make discoveries of themselves or others. And once

Bonus - The Story of the Burned King by Bennoni Thomas
July 08, 2021

EPISODE 31 WILL COME OUT NEXT WEEK. The Burned King is a Forgotten God, still extended worship even among an Iruvia controlled by the Demon Princes. But the stories say that before he was Forgotten and before he was a God, he was a man. Enjoy the story of

Ep. 30 - Layover: Tears of the Sunfall
June 24, 2021

The city of Sunfall was built around the volcano known as Rakhan, or "The Burned King". Worshipped as a now Forgotten God, Sunfall's volcano kept it warm through the dark nights after the cataclysm and the the city's people continue to be grateful to the

Ep. 29 - Exeunt (feat. Jolene Cotnoir)
June 10, 2021

Feral spirits of the deathlands may sometimes possess wayward travelers, but they more often than not burn out the life force of their victim in days. The Line Bulls on board the Pride of Duskwall must coax out a spirit cunning enough to hide within a hig

Ep. 28 - Genevieve, Aside (feat. Jolene Cotnoir)
May 28, 2021

The Ministry of Preservation is one of the most vital pieces of the Imperium, and the one that most people interact with throughout their lives. It should be a noble mission to carry on the life-saving works of the Emperor, but the Ministry will often use

Ep. 27 - Enter Harlequin (feat. Jolene Cotnoir)
May 13, 2021

The Spirit of Twilight pushes through mists that hide the Dagger Isles from the rest of the Imperium. Blind as they are, they fall hopelessly into the trap of one of the deathlands' many spirits- but a third party intervenes! A devilish figure with a Harl

Ep. 26 Layover: Lady of the Lakewood
April 29, 2021

The Pride of Duskwall once again finds itself solemn upon approach to U'duasha. Though marked Lakewood on Imperial maps, the Line Bulls know that the Emperor is powerless here and they are guests at the leisure of the Iruvian Noble Houses. If the Demon Pr

Ep. 25 - And Hell Raised (feat. Jack Wisnosky)
April 15, 2021

The One Within Many is a patient God. Nearly a millennia of neglect by humanity has left every Forgotten God patient, and when it took notice of the worship surrounding a forgotten unicycle it lay in wait for uncounted weeks. Spoke by spoke it ensnared th

Totally (NOT) Ep. 25 - The Grind of Duskwall
April 01, 2021

Ghosts on a Train is an Actual Play Podcast taking listeners along on a story filled with danger and comedy. The Line Bulls and Conductor do their best to maintain a balance between the two, but there are times where a listener must beware; as the narrati