Ghosts on a Train

Ghosts on a Train

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Ep. 46 - Light a Shuck
May 12, 2022

The Line Bulls of the Pride of Duskwall are finally due to leave the Severosi city of Thorn. But forces conspire in hopes that they won't escape the consequences of their actions. Thorn is in chaos and Lord Strangford's ghostly infiltrator Crowl has revea

Ep. 45 - Layover: Crown of Thorn
April 28, 2022

The Line Bulls of the Pride of Duskwall have effectively dashed the hopes of Thorn's home-grown conspiracy. Though concentrated in the city for it's unique Zoo ecosystem, many beyond it's lightning barrier had stake in it's success and failure. As the Bul

Ep. 44 - A Blockbuster Finale (feat. Cai Gwilym Pritchard)
April 15, 2022

Content Warning for Violence against Animals- Pip kills some snakes by cracking them like a whip (~13:20-15:50) The unique creatures of The Zoo defy common logic. A 4 winged crow that speaks and divines your hour of death is most certainly a Devil, but sn

Off Da Railz: 44 Seconds to Mars (feat. Greg Carrobis)
April 01, 2022

Content Warning for mention of Hate Crimes- Fishbone gets a mysterious note that says 'Race' which is really an invitation to race cars but is humorously misunderstood as threat of a hate crime (~11:50-12:30) Sup Fast Fans! Hope you're ready for a doozy o

Ep. 43 - Templeton Unspooled (feat. Cai Gwilym Pritchard)
March 18, 2022

Content Warning for Scary Animatronics- An animatronic of the Zoo's mascot turns on and jumpscares Timoth, and then he has a flashback of it scaring him as a kid (~33:30-36:15) The Line Bulls of the Pride of Duskwall have been led into the open mouth of a

Ep. 42 - The Leading Man (feat. Cai Gwilym Pritchard)
March 03, 2022

The Line Bulls of the Best Friend of Thorn may not always behave, but no train is faster and no crew more tightly knit! Timoth, badge name "Templeton", is the leader of the gang and when a ghost has his number the Bulls protect him like they're a Family!

Ep. 41 - Layover: A Rose Between Thorn
February 17, 2022

Content Warning for Animal Death and Gore- A whale-like Leviathan Spawn is killed by being ground into chum ~1:10:30-1:13:00 The Pride of Duskwall enters the Severosi city of Thorn. The center of this city leaves not a trace of the Severosi brambles from

Bonus - The Escape of Ixis by Bennoni Thomas
December 23, 2021

EPISODE 41 WILL COME OUT IN FEBRUARY 2022. The Four Demon Princes of Iruvia are said to rest in U'duasha as the four obsidian pillars around the burning lake of The U'du, and legend says that though they had escaped their prison in the skies these pillars

Ep. 40 - Mermaid's Wake
December 10, 2021

Like many creatures now thought myth, the mermaids survive in some way outside of human settlements where they would be considered Devils as any supernatural creature is. The previously delightful encounter is found to have not so delightful consequences

Ep. 39 - Walker's Footsteps
November 25, 2021

With their heads still not clear from a Layover in Mistport, the Line Bulls of the Pride of Duskwall agree to meet on the train early and investigate the Office Car. The mists of the Dagger Isles are unable to conceal the secrets of Mr. Walker, who's true