Shades of Strong ® | Dismantling the Myths & Stereotypes of the Strong Black Woman

Shades of Strong ® | Dismantling the Myths & Stereotypes of the Strong Black Woman

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DAY 13 Uncaping, Unmasking, Unhiding | You Don't Have to Be Anyone's Ride or Die
October 16, 2021

Have you been or are you now someone's ride or die? In today's episode of Uncaping, Unmasking, and Unhiding, Shirl and Natty give you a peek inside at what being the ride or die has looked like in the

DAY 12 Uncaping, Unmasking, Unhiding | Be Yourself and Free Yourself from Proving Yourself
October 15, 2021

In today's episode of Uncaping, Unmasking, and Unhiding Natty and I are shedding light on how being a "people prover" robs us of our vulnerability, our self-confidence, and our worthiness.  We also ta

DAY 11 Uncaping, Unmasking, Unhiding | The Need to Prove Yourself & Power of Healing in Community
October 14, 2021

Cookie Lyon didn't just wake up one morning thinking, "I got sh*t to prove".  Her lived experiences pushed her into that space. - Although you've probably never given it much thought, the same holds

DAY 10 Uncaping, Unmasking, Unhiding | The Fight Trauma Response & Cookie Lyon
October 13, 2021

Listen! Cookie Lyon DID NOT come out the gate swinging. The way we see it (considering all the hell she went through) she had two options -- FIGHT or FLIGHT, and if you know anything about Cookie Lyon

DAY 9 Uncaping, Unmasking, Unhiding |The Ride or Die That is Cookie Lyon
October 12, 2021

Alright guys!! Today we're continuing our conversation on Cookie Lyons -- the RIDE or DIE chick none of us wanted to be.  - As much as we LOVE Cookie Lyon, we are SO NOT here for how (on so many occas

DAY 8 Uncaping, Unmasking, Unhiding | Is Cookie Lyon an Angry Black Woman
October 11, 2021

This week we're peeling back the layers of another "Black Superwoman" in our 30 Days to Uncaping, Unmasking, and Unhiding series. - To some, Cookie Lyon of the hit show Empire, may be  the epitome of

DAY 7 Uncaping, Unmasking, Unhiding | Kick People Pleasing to the Curb
October 10, 2021

In today's episode we're wrapping up our conversation on Olivia Pope. Over the past week we've take a deep dive into her people pleasing characteristics and behaviors to get a bird's eye view of why s

DAY 6 Uncaping, Unmasking, Unhiding | Ten Whole Years of People Pleasing
October 09, 2021

We are continuing our conversation on the dangers of living a life of people pleasing and how Black women easily fall prey to it because of the unreasonable expectations we place on ourselves and how

DAY 5 Uncaping, Unmasking, Unhiding | People Pleasing - A Harmless Act of Love or a Mental Health Risk?
October 08, 2021

People pleasing may seem like a harmless act of love", but the truth is it can lead to serious health risks, including stress, anxiety, and depression.  - It is virtually impossible to be all the thin

DAY 4 Uncaping, Unmasking, Unhiding | Why We Become People Pleasers
October 07, 2021

As we continue "uncaping" and "unmasking" Olivia Pope & the people pleaser in her, we discover that people pleasers often start out as PARENT PLEASER - If  children spend the majority of their childho