Shades of Strong ™ | Shifting the Strong Black Woman Narrative

Shades of Strong ™ | Shifting the Strong Black Woman Narrative

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Mailbag Episode Part ONE: Self-Worth, Youth and Privacy, Single Mom’ing Oh My!
September 23, 2019

  -   - Does being a STRONG single mother for so long effect how you handle a new healthy relationship?   - Mailbag Episode Part ONE: - Without even thinking about this question, it's a HARD YES. -

Taking Care of You In and Out of “Crisis Season” Featuring Michelle Goodloe
September 16, 2019

  -   - Self-care is about taking care of you so that you don’t feel like you want to run away from home, aka your life.   -   - Michelle Goodloe, self-care blogger and author of the guided self-care journal, Self Explore,

Let’s Do it Again | Shades of Strong Episode Compilation
September 09, 2019

  -   -   We are a little over the midway mark of Season two so we thought now might be good time to highlight some of our most listened to episodes. In other words, LET'S DO IT AGAIN. Enjoy this compilation of clips featuring some of yo...

Where is God When Life Happens
September 02, 2019

  -   How do you deal with LIFE when life happens?   - Here's an even better question  OR the one more frequently asked... -   Where is God when life happens?    How many times have you questioned this very thing when when life turns your w...

Finding Yourself, Owning Your Voice and Standing in Your Truth
August 26, 2019

  -   -   There's so much freedom in finding yourself, owning your voice and standing in your truth. Tune in as Shades of Strong co-host, Natty shares her story of healing from an emotionally unhealthy,

Emotional Healing | Don’t Tell Me How to Heal PERIOD!
August 19, 2019

  -   -   I've been seeing this meme floating around  on social media saying, "stop telling people how to heal from stuff you've never been through"....   - Well, here's a suggestion for ya... - Stop telling people how to heal their [emotiona...

Sisterhood | They Smile in Your Face
August 12, 2019

  -   ... ♪♪ all the time they want to take your place ♪♪   We've seen a lot of the crab in the bucket mentality among African American females, and I'm not saying it doesn't exist in other communities -- I know it does,

EXPOSED! Hair Gone. Fear Shown. Mask on!
August 05, 2019

  -   I am not my hair!!  That's the tune Lynette Bradshaw is singing as she holds on tight to her emotional freedom while sharing her story of how losing her hair sent her into hiding and how it took her embracing her vulnerabilities and facing ...

I’m My Child’s Friend AND I’m Still in Control
July 29, 2019

  -   - The art of being a parent is to guide your children through life and to look out for their best interest; but contrary to what most believe, there is no parent-child relationship without some level of friendship. With that said,

Black Men and Strong Black Women | The Great Divide
July 22, 2019

Rob brought the MEAT to the cookout in this episode. I'm telling you, he gets ALL THE WAY NAKED about strong black women and the black men who love them. He delves deep into why there’s such a huge disconnect in male and female relationships and how we...