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Geek News Central Podcast

Meta Unveils Llama 3 AI: Let the AI Race Begin #1738

April 18, 2024

Meta has launched a significant update to its AI platform, Meta AI, now powered by the open-source Llama 3 large language model. This upgrade introduces broader functionality and integration across Meta’s products, including Instagram, Messenger, Facebook feeds, and WhatsApp, along with a new dedicated web portal.

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Show Notes Summary and Story Links:

Title: Meta Unveils Llama 3 AI: Let the AI Race Begin


The episode begins with host Todd Cochrane discussing Meta’s significant update to its AI platform. The platform, Meta AI, is now integrated with the open-source large language model Llama 3, which has expanded functionality across Meta’s various products. This includes Instagram, Messenger, Facebook feeds, WhatsApp, a new web portal, Ray-Ban smart glasses, and the upcoming Quest headsets. Despite the advancements, Todd mentions challenges in cultural relevance and hallucination issues that were spotted during preliminary testing.

Todd acknowledges his sponsor, GoDaddy, and offers a range of promotion details for listeners to consider. He also invites listeners to contribute to the show via the website and encourages them to join the live chat at The discussion moves on to community elements and how listeners can provide feedback.

Transitioning to his work life, Todd shares his experiences upgrading his studio with Unifi equipment from Ubiquiti. From there, Todd dives into tech news, beginning with the observation that Google has taken action against disruptive employee behavior. Google fired 28 workers for participating in a protest about an Israeli government cloud contract, which Google described as violating their conduct policies. Todd elaborates on the situation and the consequences faced by the employees.

Next, the UN investigates a ransomware attack that resulted in data theft from several of its agencies based in Copenhagen. Todd then discusses a feature allowing guests staying at specific IHG hotels to stream content from their phones to hotel TVs using AirPlay.

The conversation shifts to Spy Pet, a site selling data on Discord users and their messages. Todd explains how the site operates and its privacy implications. National Geographic’s Earth Month celebration is highlighted next, emphasizing digital series featuring meditative videos.

Todd thanks listeners for boosting the podcast with micro-donations before covering more technology stories. These include the United Nations’ efforts to patch a light leak in its space telescope, issues with 911 services going offline in parts of the U.S., Google’s decision to combine its Android and hardware teams to focus on AI, and Google Photos’ new decluttering feature.

Additional news items relate to Google Maps’ 3D building view feature for Android Auto, Pixel smartphone updates, global IT spending, and the illusory of healthcare organizations’ cybersecurity maturity.

The podcast mentions the U.S. Air Force’s successful AI dogfight experiments and Microsoft & OpenAI’s plan to invest $100 billion to develop an AI supercomputer.

Todd also touches on the leakage of Venus’s atmosphere, concerns over TikTok Lite’s influence in Europe, Reddit’s new AI-powered language translation features, Nothing’s new ear two earbuds, and Slack’s rollout of AI tools for paying customers.

The episode concludes with an emphasis on the security risks in the healthcare sector, evidenced by a ransomware attack on Michigan-based Cherry Health that compromised sensitive patient data. Todd wraps up by mentioning that the audience’s feedback would be appreciated and encourages them to support the show.