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The Game Show Show & Stuff on Radio Misfits

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The Game Show Show – Netflix & Chill
May 02, 2017

JAZ & Andy have a weird question & answer session, Johnny Mo is kicking higher than ever & the boys learn about self-taping, film-making & life in Los Angeles for a transplant from Ellie Reed: Native Chicagoan & Star of the Netflix Series, Girl Boss

The Game Show Show – Geek Week!
April 25, 2017

JAZ & Andy reminisce & revel in the joys of pudding while Johnny Mo shares a moment of gratitude, then JAZ tricks everyone into speaking cartoon gibberish with a variation of the popular new game: Voice-Over to Rejoice-Over!

The Game Show Show – TBOX? Yup, TBOX!!
April 17, 2017

JAZ & Andy enjoy the kindness of Chicagoans & new music recommendations, Johnny Mo revels in the holiday joy of springtime & the gang learns all about the Twelve Bars of Xmas from Chris Festa: Entrepreneur/Philanthropist/Founder of the World’s Most Spe...

The Game Show Show – Pudding? Yes, Pudding!
April 10, 2017

JAZ & Andy discuss the sweet taste of Olde English 800, then Johnny Mo tells us something good & Andy makes it weird, plus JAZ almost ruins the equipment when the boys play a rousing new game called: Pudding On Airs!

The Game Show Show – Heroic Hijinks!
April 03, 2017

JAZ & Andy do The News & play Chaka Khan as usual, plus we welcome World Wide Wesley Whitaker back into the studio with his cohorts Chelsea Tobey & Justin Parlette: Members of Secret Origins: An Improvised Super Hero Event

The Game Show Show – Spring Break!
March 29, 2017

JAZ & Andy return from a snow day rejuvenated & ready for spring, Johnny Mo puts our voice-over skills to the test & we discuss life, love & leaps of faith with Dana Black: Actor/Administrator/Voice-Over Artist

The Game Show Show – Chuckles & Church!
March 13, 2017

JAZ & Andy get in depth with World Wide Wes’ Weekly Westion, Johnny Mo gets everyone all atwitter over Tweets & we talk about religion, improvisation & the religion of improvisation with Nadia Alexandra: Performer/Writer/Jehovah’s Witnesses Survivor

The Game Show Show – Salsa & Sunshine!
March 06, 2017

JAZ & Andy debate whether or not leaving a broken jar of salsa in the middle of the street makes one a bad person, Johnny Mo teaches us more about tweets on Twitter & we discuss unique names, the local theatre scene & high school volleyball with Echaka...

The Game Show Show – Chicagoanism & Chicanery!
February 28, 2017

JAZ & Andy get their undies in a bunch over World Wide Wes’ Weekly Westion, Johnny Mo teaches us about athletic pants & we discuss the finer points of Windy City Citizenship with Stefania Rudd: Co-Host of Your Chicago, a Radio Misfits Podcast

The Game Show Show – Love & Lewdness!
February 21, 2017

JAZ & Andy rock out to some gross new jams, Johnny Mo teaches us about Twitter tweeters & we play a rousing new game, the arousing: Price of Love!