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The Game Show Show & Stuff on Radio Misfits

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The Game Show Show – Music & Mayhem!
February 07, 2017

JAZ & Andy catch up on Andy’s latest vacation, JAZ implores everyone to tell him something good & we discuss raising cultural awareness with Diego Colon: Actor/Singer-Songwriter & Guitar Virtuoso

The Game Show Show – Government Takeover!
January 30, 2017

JAZ & Andy have a communication breakdown, Johnny Mo steps up big time to teach us about stuff & we discuss everything under the sun with Stella Martin: Native Chicago Actor & Coder-In-Training

The Game Show Show – TRUMP & TAXES
January 24, 2017

JAZ & Andy interview the President, JAZ starts a segment on positivity, World Wide Wes is back in the mix & Johnny Mo introduces us to his money man, Tony Hancock of River East Tax & Accounting Services.

The Game Show Show – Florida or Nevada?
January 17, 2017

JAZ & Andy argue robotically about robots arguing, while Johnny Mo shows off his intuitive legal knowledge to win our new favorite state law game!

The Game Show Show – Kentucky or Indiana?
January 10, 2017

JAZ & Andy catch up with guest Keely Maureen Brennan & play new games for the new year!

The Game Show Show – Year End: Spectacular?
January 04, 2017

EP27 – JAZ & Andy challenge themselves to retire some of their favorite sound drops, Johnny Mo eats all of the homemade holiday cookies & trademark “Hot Nog” while the boys confront The Year 2016. Face to face!

The Game Show Show – Christmas: Special?
December 20, 2016

JAZ & Andy try to find the meaning of Christmas while Johnny Mo tries to find the meaning of their shenanigans. Plus, Holiday Trivia!

The Game Show Show – Apple Challenge
December 13, 2016

JAZ & Andy welcome comedian Sydney Davis Jr. Jr. to discuss viral challenges & Johnny Mo tries to crush an apple with his bare hands.

The Game Show Show – Morning Edition
December 05, 2016

JAZ & Andy celebrate Tuesday on a Friday & learn about TBOX from the Duke of Wrigleyville, Josh Vaughn.

The Game Show Show – Gary Kroeger
December 01, 2016

JAZ & Andy talk politics & comedy with SNL Alum & Congressional Candidate Gary Kroeger