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Full Spectrum Cycling #156 – Fat Bike Birkie Blather and Sam McMahon’s Motorcycle Odyssey
March 18, 2022

Show #156 - Join Sven, JK and Tony as we welcome Sam McMahon back to the studio after his epic 2-½ month motorcycle adventure through the South Western US and Mexico. Plus, Big Sexy checks in as he pr

Chewey’s Salon Chair #16 – Single Speed USA 2022 Decorah, IA Planning Session!
March 16, 2022

Here, for those of you who have never witnessed the inner workings of planning an event as important as SSUSA. Welcome to our world. Join Spinner, Scandinavian Jesus, Katyla and Chewey as they labor o

Full Spectrum Cycling # 155 – Pre Fatbike Birkie Condition Report with Seeley Dave
March 10, 2022

Show #155 - We are releasing today’s show a day early so you all can hear Seeley Dave’s Fatbike Birkie race course condition report if you are headed up there this weekend for the big race! Sam D join

Full Spectrum Cycling #154 – Andrew Zahn in the Studio and Seeley Dave Reports on Northland Fatbike Conditions
March 04, 2022

Show#154 - Sven, JK and Tony welcome Andrew Zahn to the PodcastMKE.org studio and check in with Seeley Dave on the conditions expected for the upcoming Fatbike Birkie. Talkin’ Schmack Crypto min

Full Spectrum Cycling #153 – Ice Storm! Fatbike Birkie – Crypto Minute
February 25, 2022

Show #153 Talkin’ Schmack Single speed USA Stage Race - Decorah, IA August 22nd, 2022WTH is the Radivist and why am I suddenly getting email from them?  At least they are about bikes - Well let

Full Spectrum Cycling #152 – Chewey on the Horn, Olympic Hockey, Trek Buys WORS, Weekly Dose of IT
February 18, 2022

Show #152 - Sven, JK and Tony are in the newly painted PodcastMKE.org studio where we welcome a call from Chewey, talk Olympic Hockey and such, discuss the acquisition of WORS by Trek, relive some Mid

Chewey’s Salon Chair #15 – Post Santa Rampage, Decorah NYD Ride, SSUSA 22 and Kayla buying ANOTHER bike
February 16, 2022

We Are Back!! Winter is a tough time to wrangle this bunch into one city let alone one room, but we did it. Tonight, we were able to get Spinner, Berge, Kayla and myself (Chewey) into the Salon Chair

Full Spectrum Cycling #151 – Todd Poquette, Director of Adventure for the 906 Adventure Team
February 11, 2022

Show #151 - Sven, JK and Tony welcome Todd Poquette, Director of Adventure for the 906 Adventure Team to the PodcastMKE.org Call-in Studio line. We talk about the team's purpose of fostering resilient

Full Spectrum Cycling #150 – The Sesquicentennial Edition – Listener Shout Outs – City Lights Ski Bum
February 04, 2022

Show #150 - This is the unrehearsed, unscripted Sesquicentennial Edition with Sven, JK and Tony in the studio. Talkin’ Schmack Learned the name of our listener for 149, Steve!Just wanted to pigg

Full Spectrum Cycling #149 – Seeley Dave – New CAMBA Trail – Trail Grooming Drags
January 28, 2022

Show #149 - Sven and JK are manning the mics at the PodcastMKE.org studio where we welcome a call-in from Seeley Dave to talk about the new Gordy's View CAMBA connector trail, snowmobiles and trail gr