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Full Spectrum Cycling

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Full Spectrum #147 – Big Sexy Gets Clipped by a Car in Louisiana plus We’ve Got Fatbike Cranks!
January 14, 2022

Show #147 - From the Riverwest PodcastMKE.org studio this is Full Spectrum Cycling. Sven, JK and Tony Talk some Schmack (see below) and Big Sexy is back home in Louisiana where he got clipped by an in

Full Spectrum Cycling #146 – New Years Day Polar Plunge Ride and Big Sexy is Still in Texas!
January 07, 2022

Show #146 - The title says it all for this week! Talkin’ Schmack Somehow we’re fashionable again Balaclava’s are in style but we all know they are really for cycling!What is Art?  (the ongoing s

COVID Show From My Dining Room With Sydney and Garrett Plus Tony and JK on the Horn and Seeley Dave With a Life Above 8 Report
December 31, 2021

Show #145 The Rona Edition - This episode finds Sven, Sydney and Garrett in the dining room studio where we welcome calls from Tony, JK and Seeley Dave with a Life Above 8 report. Garrett shares a bit

Chewey’s Salon Chair #14 – Post Santa Rampage Recorded Live at 63 Club in Rochester, MN!
December 29, 2021

This edition of Chewey's Salon Chair traded the Salon Chair for bar stools at 63 Club where Chewey, Spinner, Sven and The Captain recorded a post Santa Rampage show live in the bar room there at 63 Cl

Full Spectrum Cycling #144 – Allroy Catches Us Up on Doings in Ontario and Big Sexy is STILL in Texas!
December 24, 2021

Show #144 - Good to have Allroy back on the show with a call-in to Sven, JK, Tony and James in the studio. Make sure to check out Big Sexy’s Rumple Minze Riff! Talkin’ Schmack Saw JK rollin’ dow

Full Spectrum Cycling #143 – bikepacking.com Best Route Award Winner Dave Schlabowske Plus Jessica, Dan and James in the Studio
December 17, 2021

Show #143 - Bikepacking.com Route Award Winner "Seeley" Dave Schlabowske calls in plus Jessica, Dan and James darken the studio with their presence. Holy crap I saw 66 degrees today!HughJass #2 Wat

Chewey’s Salon Chair #13 – Fireman, Hockey God, Poor Cyclist, Chuck Solseth with Spinner and Brad
December 15, 2021

Chewey’s Salon Chair #13 with special guest Chuck Solseth. What a great night! Chuck has so many stories to tell it’s insane. Then to add to it our podcast partner Spinner is also a fireman. You are g

Full Spectrum Cycling #142 – George Kapitz Talks Snow Crown Race Series, Sam D in the Studio and Big Sexy in Temple, TX
December 10, 2021

Show #142 - JK is on hiatus so Sam D joins us in the studio where we talk to George Kapitz from Broken Spoke about the Snow Crown Fatbike Race Series, Global Fatbike Day and the availability of fatbik

Full Spectrum Cycling #141 – Amelia Kegel Talks Hugh Jass and Santa Rampage – Chewey’s New Bike
December 03, 2021

Show #141 - Sven, JK and Tony are in the new PodcastMKE (as yet unfinished) studio. Been moving workspaces with alarming regularity! Amelia Kegel joins us to fill us in about the Hugh Jass Fatbike Rac

Full Spectrum Cycling #140 – Big Sexy’s Thanksgiving in Italy, Texas That is and Other Stuff
November 26, 2021

Show #140 - Sven, JK and Tony are in the studio where we field a call from Big Sexy who clues us in to Thanksgiving in Italy, Texas, has a serious question and nears the end of this year's adventures