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Full Spectrum Cycling

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Full Spectrum Cycling #164 – Chewey – Decorah Time Trials – Seeley Dave – Hungry Bear 100 – Equity Rides
May 13, 2022

Show #164 Talkin’ Schmack RW24 registration at Black Husky Sunday!Want to tour a WWII submarine in Manitowoc? - https://www.wisconsinmaritime.org FTTM 2022 - Milwaukee Shop of Horrors - June 18t

Full Spectrum Cycling #163 – Big Sexy in Arkansas – Bublr eBikes – Willem Dafoe
May 06, 2022

Show #163 - Sven, JK and Tony take a call from Big Sexy somewhere in Arkansas, Sven and Tony's Bobcat 300 Miners arrive and Willem Dafoe is to Receive an Honorary Doctorate from the University of Wisc

Full Spectrum Cycling #162 – Sam D – 29+ and Stuff
April 29, 2022

Show #162 - Yes, we are in the studio and Sam D is here! 29+ talk and a lot of other whatnots. New plan for the shop! Talkin’ Schmack Miner miner 49’er? I guess this would be part of the Crypto

Full Spectrum Cycling #161 – RW24 Registration Info – Building a Single Speed – 420
April 22, 2022

Show #161 Talkin’ Schmack RW24 Registration talk (I see we all got the email, Tony’s already signed up) Who’s sleeping in the park with me? RW24 Registration Information MAY 15th - In-Pers

Full Spectrum Cycling #160 – 32nd State Capital with Big Sexy and a Call-in from Chewey
April 15, 2022

Show #160 Talkin’ Schmack Microshift launching a 1x drivetrain for 20 inch and up wheels. Geared bmx anyone?https://bikepacking.com/plog/reflections-on-sea-otter-2022/ https://fat-bike.com/2022/

Full Spectrum Cycling #159 – Big Sexy is on the Road!
April 08, 2022

Show #159 - Sven, JK and Tony are in the studio and we take a call from Big Sexy in Hammond, LA. Talkin’ Schmack Photo from Bike EXIF - Original from MotoRelic | Instagram | Images by Jonath

Full Spectrum Cycling #158 – Shannon is in Austin and Big Sexy Dodges a Tornado!
April 01, 2022

Show #158 Talkin’ Schmack Tony has a new love and it’s BOX drive trains.  Review to follow after more riding https://boxcomponents.com/ on the prettiest bike I own for now.Chewey’s Salon Chair 1

Chewey’s Salon Chair #17 -Stallis Dave’s Post Fat Bike Birkie Sh*t Show
March 31, 2022

Listen now to the dawn of a new Podcasting Hero! Since only friends listen to this show anyway, you are about to listen to the midnight ramblings of Stallis Dave (used by permission from Seeley Dave)

Full Spectrum Cycling #157 – It Is Not Only Raining Words in the Podcast Studio!
March 25, 2022

Show #157 - Join Sven, JK and Tony as they rain words upon you while the roof rains water down in the podcastmke.org studio! Talkin’ Schmack Trans-Wisconsin Adventure Bicycle Route - https://www

Full Spectrum Cycling – Chewey’s Salon Chair Takeover – Fat Bike Birkie 2022
March 22, 2022

Sven welcomes Chewey, Spinner and Kayla to the table at Seeley Dave's Seeley Podcast Palace in Seeley, WI shortly after the 10th running of the Fat Bike Birkie Fatbike race in Cable, WI. Listen in as