The Free Zone w/ Freeman Fly

The Free Zone w/ Freeman Fly

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Sovereign Liberation – Lauda Leon
October 12, 2019

What motivates us to change? Will it take a global catastrophe to shift the paradigm or can we use our will and imagination before we reach a calamity? Creative play is what manifests reality. Have we reached a point when people believe eating babies w...

Weapons Grade Communication – Neil Sanders
October 05, 2019

How do you engineer a society to self-destruct? Who are the people behind the people weaponizing phrases like 9/11 was an inside job or drain the swamp? Think tanks have thousands of data points on most of the world's population.

Magic and Magnetics – Ras Ben
September 28, 2019

How did our ancestors find sacred places? What motivated building mounds? Are 5G Smart Cities a form of magnet magic? What can we do to remember who we are and protect ourselves from this frequency manipulation? How do we evolve our own geomancy?

The Gods of Chemtrails – Benjamin Balderson
September 21, 2019

Could chemtrails be destroying our ancestral memories, detaching us from understanding nature and leaving us wondering what the future will do to us instead of what we will do to the future? The gods of old had elements and characteristics bringing div...

Paranormal Abductions – Lon Strickler
September 14, 2019

Abductees have been reporting similar experiences and recalling common details, such as the mission to breed of human-like or insect-like appearance extraterrestrials. Many of the abductees are related to an ancient line of hybrids. Could it be that,

Society of Jesus – Johnny Cirucci
September 07, 2019

It seems everyone is a conspiracy theorist these days. Even the President! Taco Bell released an Illuminati ad campaign years ago. The Illuminati is a part of our culture now and few know its true roots. How often do you hear of the Society of Jesus or...

Full of Ourselves – James True
September 06, 2019

The "Old Religion" has us caught up by our 666 footprint seeking a witch burning. Can Wisdom survive Victory? What steps must be taken to create a New World Order? What will make you believe that it is necessary?

What Are You Going To Be? – Masaki Miyagawa
September 06, 2019

Nature abhors a vacuum. What will fill the void if you only go after evil without knowing goodness? Are your emotions your own or is the creeping malaise a side effect of technology? Is there a technology that reverses this state of mind? ...

The Great Divide – Garrett Dailey
September 06, 2019

We are separated by false ideologies. We seem to feel we can only attack the power or we feel we don't want to be here any more. There is an epidemic of loneliness and suicide while masked, hooded thugs throw cement milkshakes and ice cream lickers see...

Portals to the Abyss – Derek Murphy
September 05, 2019

The fact that 32 pig brains were brought back to life using a technology called BrainEx may sound like an episode of J.J. Abram's Fringe TV series but, it's not. How close to reality are our science fiction tales of macabre?