Free and Fearless

Free and Fearless

Your Burning Blogging Questions Answered (part 2)

December 15, 2020

Hey and welcome to another episode of the Free and Fearless podcast. It’s great to have you here and today I’m gonna answer more of your most burning questions about blogging.

If you didn’t listen to the first part, you might want to check out episode 4 first, and then come to this one.

If you did listen to it, great because today the questions I’ll share are related to other topics such as blog traffic, monetization and selling.

Here’s the whole episode:

Show Notes:

* [1:20] What to do when your #1 struggle as a blogger is consistently putting out content and seeing traffic grow* [5:56] You’ve been blogging for 7 months but don’t see progress? Here’s what to do* [7:53] Can you grow your blog (and get to 6 figures) without doing videos or podcasts?* [12:36] How to come up with new ideas for blog posts according to keyword research?* [13:55] Is it too early to create a course?


* Affiliate marketing* Blog to Biz System (my blogging course)* SEO* WPX Hosting* Pingdom (a free tool to check your site speed)* Creating online courses* Email marketing* Earning from your blog with ads* Teachable* Google Keyword Planner* Yoast SEO* Blog to Biz System Waitlist


 “My #1 struggle with my blog is consistently putting out content and seeing traffic grow.”

Many people are quite productive with getting new content out there but then wonder why traffic isn’t coming. It’s important to spend as much time promoting the content as you do creating new one.

Pinterest, for example, is a great source of traffic for bloggers and even with a few short posts (but on good topics) you can get traffic. If you’re utilizing Pinterest, there’s a lot to learn about it. But optimizing your profile and boards as well as creating beautiful Pins (5-6 for each blog post) is a must.

How many posts do you currently have?

Because many people have plenty of content and wait till they have more to monetize. But you can monetize from day 1, especially with affiliate marketing.