Founder Stories

Founder Stories

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Crypto Pioneer – Barak Ben Ezer
September 04, 2019

After spending six months on a tiny island nation in the north pacific, Barak Ben Ezer is ready to launch the first sovereign digital currency into the world. In this episode, Barak talks about the positive impact of crypto,

NFX CEO – Gigi Levy
July 31, 2019

How did Gigi Levy’s name become synonymous with Israeli venture capital? In this episode, Anouk and Barak sit down with Gigi and delve deep into his journey - from being an entrepreneurial 10-year-old, to Apache helicopter fighter pilot, to CEO,

Chutzpah Author – Inbal Arieli
July 31, 2019

Interview With Inbal Arieli

Life Saver – Eli Beer
July 17, 2019

Interview With Eli Beer

Fashion Designer – Dorin Frankfurt
July 17, 2019

Interview with Dorin Frankfurt

Celebrity Chef – Barak Yehezkeli
July 08, 2019

Interview With Barak Yehezkeli

Pop Star – Ivri Lider
July 08, 2019

Interview With Ivri Lider

OurCrowd Founder – Jon Medved
July 08, 2019

Interview With Jon Medved

Founder Stories – Trailer
July 06, 2019

An exclusive interview with Israel's leading pop-star Ivri Lider on his life as a founder.