Founder Stories

Founder Stories

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Mixtiles Founder – Eytan Levit
October 16, 2019

Eytan Levit co-founded Mixtiles with a mission to become the standard way for people to mount photos on walls. Eytan has taken that astonishingly simple concept to grow a business generating tens of millions of dollars and employing talent all over the...

Serial Entrepreneur – Reem Younis
October 10, 2019

Co-founder of construction tech company Alpha CAD and medical device company, Alpha Omega, Reem Younis is a role model for Israeli Arab entrepreneurial success in Israel. Reem tells an unlikely story of leaving her village in Nazareth and meeting the l...

Intuition Robotics – Dor Skuler
September 23, 2019

Interview with Dor Skuler

Crypto Pioneer – Barak Ben Ezer
September 04, 2019

After spending six months on a tiny island nation in the north pacific, Barak Ben Ezer is ready to launch the first sovereign digital currency into the world. In this episode, Barak talks about the positive impact of crypto,

NFX CEO – Gigi Levy
July 31, 2019

How did Gigi Levy’s name become synonymous with Israeli venture capital? In this episode, Anouk and Barak sit down with Gigi and delve deep into his journey - from being an entrepreneurial 10-year-old, to Apache helicopter fighter pilot, to CEO,

Chutzpah Author – Inbal Arieli
July 31, 2019

Interview With Inbal Arieli

Life Saver – Eli Beer
July 17, 2019

Interview With Eli Beer

Fashion Designer – Dorin Frankfurt
July 17, 2019

Interview with Dorin Frankfurt

Celebrity Chef – Barak Yehezkeli
July 08, 2019

Interview With Barak Yehezkeli

Pop Star – Ivri Lider
July 08, 2019

Interview With Ivri Lider